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I'm sorry you are going through this! Restricting your diet in any way at this point could cause a relapse of eating disorder symptoms, so I would try to focus on remedies that do not require cutting out any foods at this point. Many people deal with bloating for quite a few months during recovery. Some also pass through a period of hypermetabolism which can cause hot and cold flashes and digestive discomfort. If you have never had any problems like this before, it may just be your digestive system learning to work again as you recover. When I was in treatment, some people in treatment with me were given a medicine that helped food progress from stomach to intestines a little more quickly which can help with the pain after meals. I like the idea of seeing a gastroenterologist or finding a second opinion. Until then, a lot of people in treatment use hotpads on their stomach area after eating to ease the pain. If you ever abused laxatives, it may also be that your intestines are relearning to work on their own. The idea of taking probiotics sounds like it could help. I find that probiotics taken with a fiber supplement and plenty of water helps me when I feel that way.

Another issue is if you have added more artificial sweeteners in your diet. Many people find that artificial sweeteners cause digestive issues like what you are describing. Perhaps if you are using these sweeteners, you can try to cut back or replace them.

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