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Mar 7, 2001
... Hi! i'm sorry to have to be the bearer of bad tidings, but Laxatives have and can kill you. ... (7 replies)
... STOP TAKING THE LAXATIVES IMMEDIATELY!!! I am begging you. And why am I begging you? ... (10 replies)
... t know where else to go. I am a recovering Diabulimic as of 2 years last month. ... (2 replies)

... coprostaphobic, i recognize a lot about the being afraid of being unable to have a bowel movement, have been very very addicted to laxatives myself and the idea of ever not taking them - just the mere thought - would send me into a complete frenzy. yet here i am, off of them since late summer (look for my stories around the ed recovery board) the advice i would give you is;... (1 replies)
... o laxatives. I strongly advise you to talk to your doctor. Laxatives can have many adverse side effects and you need to get that checked out. ... (1 replies)
... I use to use alot of pills but they made me too sick and ex lax make me feel better. i guess you could say i feel clensed. I keep gaining weight and I don't eat alot. ... (5 replies)
Mar 7, 2001
... I am an anorexic addicted to laxatives and diuretics and I am telling you it's not worth it. I am trying to come off them now. ... (7 replies)
Feb 22, 2001
... I can truly relate to what you are saying. I in fact I typed almost an identical post on a different message board. ... (8 replies)
Broken promise
Feb 18, 2001
... I know how disappointed you must feel about giving in and using the laxatives. I've never been addicted to laxatives during my struggles but I'm proud of you for knowing that you need to give them up. Praise yourself for wanting to give them up and cutting down. ... (3 replies)
... Hi to anyone out there, and thanks for taking the time to read this. ... (2 replies)
... sorry i forgot to add that im addicted to laxatives and the last time i was in the hospital they told me that i was passing stomach lining and yet i still take them any advice on that too would help, please let me beet this for my kids (43 replies)
... I was addicted to laxatives, all kinds of diet pills.......duretics..u name it! So, I understand how u feel! ... (5 replies)
... Try to remember to drink lots of water! I know it fills you up and makes you feel bloated but it will help with the constipation. I used to be addicted to laxatives, 60 a day. When I went in the hospital the only thing they told me to get my body back on it's own track was to drink water and it worked. ... (10 replies)
... NO! The actual marriage wont help a thing,lol. But Stigma, I think you should think about your boyfriend when you are about to destroy your body.I don't say that in a mean way, just what it really is we do. ... (5 replies)
... helllo this may seem like a long story but i'll really try to make it short I feel the need to talk. I am going through a very tough time lately in my life once again.. I am the youngest of 4 kids, My whole family has had weight problems. ... (0 replies)
... have normal bowel movements without any support. as someone who abuses laxatives, you are used to getting EVERYTHING out as soon as possible, so it is a very scary thought to no longer do that, which is why i kept falling back constantly. ... (2 replies)
... Please do listen to what the others are saying here. Laxatives are such dangerous medications and it really really upsets me that they are so readily available from chemists. ... (5 replies)
... I was addicted to laxative for several months, after I had been through months of hospitalization for anorexia. Once I gained weight, I started using laxatives. ... (5 replies)
... You really shouldn't be using as many laxatives. If you think you would have trouble stopping, at least cut down. I have been addicted to them, diurectics, and diet pills for months now. Now that I am starting to get help, I am having to give up the pills and it is causing me a lot of problems. ... (5 replies)
... Hi I thought you sounded like you really needed a reply, I know my after my first post I waited by the computer for ages to see if anyone replied. Anyway I just wanted to say that I know a bit of how you are feeling at the moment. ... (6 replies)

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