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... nauseaus and ultimately cannot keep it down? ... (6 replies)
... y ass cos I thot it was too big and it was! I stopped binge eating everyday 4 years ago! I still binge but not everyday and I may do it once every two months. I cannot keep food in the house that will trigger an attack not even fruits lol. ... (8 replies)
About to break....
Aug 23, 2006
... I physcially cannot keep any substantial food down. I feel like hell. I think before I break, I am going to call this old nutritionist and see about some sort of plan. ... (2 replies)

What's the point?
Apr 28, 2004
... had a heart attack from purging and ruining your electrolye balance. And I will never know what happened to you. Seriously, I am soooo worried. And this time you cannot pass it back to me. ... (426 replies)
Miracle medication
Aug 28, 2001
... Your metabolism slows down in order to make you less active. This conserves energy and the remaining precious nutrients. This is why you feel tired! ... (9 replies)
... that is MAJOR!!!!!! You cannot expect a quick change, because as I understand it, it takes a while. ... (139 replies)
Where my girls at?
May 10, 2006
... r time, though, and i always like the ones that just came up all friendly and started chatting to me like it was no big deal the most. it's like, who would turn down a friendly, smiley person? ... (6 replies)
... work, I would have to either move into a homeless shelter or move back IN with the parents from hell. I was sick all the time, constantly week after week coming down with something. So I decided to try a vegetarian diet but I was not getting enough protein. ... (2 replies)
... Okay, I have been down the road of eating disorders in the past. I thought I was passed them. It started when I was a teenager with anorexia. ... (2 replies)
Why do I do this?
Aug 23, 2004
... rugs more heavily, of which I will not mention in length, and soon found myself moving around a lot and not really having any close friends or being able to hold down a job. ... (25 replies)
Aug 15, 2006
... this is GREAT! i really hope everybody else can read this post and apply it to their own situations. you are making WONDERFUL progress and you're gonna have to keep pushing yourself really hard, but i feel like you've really started moving forward. ... (3 replies)
... THAT is what I need help with. Dealing with being alone with myself and my thoughts without stuffing them down with food. I am not really afraid of food anymore. I can eat. I just am still obsessed with stuffing myself with cakes and cookies and candies and pizzas at night time. ... (18 replies)
I hate being fat
Jan 28, 2001
... Your metabolism right now has slowed right down because your body thinks it is starving. ... (1 replies)
... I cannot afford to go into rehabilitation. ... (1 replies)
... feeding" process wondering if it was normal to feel so full. Yes, it is normal. You may need to slow down though. Do not try to increase your food intake so quickly, or else your body may reject it. Start small and gradually keep increasing the amount of food. ... (2 replies)
... But anyway, back to your dilemma. I really like the idea of having a meal plan that focuses more on food groups and not just calories. ... (18 replies)
... bit of difference in my weight, but when it really comes down to it and that food's sitting there in front of me, i back down. every single time, i chicken out. ... (47 replies)
... i've been up and down the scale since i was 12. i'm 33 now. i have been at my goal weight, or close to it, several times though ITS A BLUR NOW! ... (3 replies)
... im 18 and since i was 14 ive had food issues. ... (1 replies)
... Well, halfway through the zoo I literally thought I couldn't stand anymore...had to sit down and if he had let me, I could have fallen asleep right there on the bench. My hair is dry and skin is acting up. ... (5 replies)

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