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... Def. sounds like digestive problems, pretty normal after ed. I would do a detox, cut out anything harsh on your digestive system. Chances are your gut is rejecting a lot of foods ie. nuts, wheat, diary... Look up the GAPS diet. This should heal your gut. Be patient, it takes time. Also: get a good quality probiotic. (3 replies)
Eating disorder
Jul 8, 2012
... in the eating disorder and they were very religious. I feared they would not support the idea of hypnosis. I was even a little fearful of it myself. But there's def nothing to worry about in that regard. It's nothing antireligious by any means. At least god hasn't smited me yet. Haha. ... (7 replies)
... I'm 19, 5'6 and i weigh 155. I'm trying really hard to lose 20/25 pounds though. But anyways, I feel like all i do is eat. I don't have a job right now (looking. desperately) and i'm not taking classes yet so all i do is sit around the house and eat the entire day. I eat whenever i'm bored which is basically all the time. It got so bad once that i basically freaked out... (0 replies)

... Hi, What you are saying def. does sound like Disordered Eating because you restrict and then feel sick afterwards. Whereas a person with an eating disorder, we, have a fear of food; distorted body image; isolate; have a preoccupation with food-obssesional thoughts; low weights which cause physical and mental symptoms etc. It's hard to suggest if it is a full blown eating... (1 replies)
... Hi :) So, the anorexia started out of fear of menstruation? Did it start when you were younger and hadn't yet gotten your period? Do you have a menstrual cycle now? I wonder if you're ok with it now and have thought about the reason you were afraid of it to begin with. It def. helps to get to the root of the problem :) I'm a recovering anorectic..about three or four years... (6 replies)
... Bahamas, thank you so much for sharing with me! It is good to talk to others who are experiencing similar things as me....I will def. take ur advice seriously. I am what a doc (and myself) would refer to as a dangersously low level weight. I do not want to overlook anything which is why i took charge and sought out the EDS (was not recommended by anyone). I brought up the... (8 replies)
... :wave: HI there. I would love to be your support and vice versa. I relate very much that it's scary. I've had my ed for 13 or 14 yrs (sorry my memory sucks), and also suffer with a lot of medical complications as well. We all know eds WILL do that to us, if not now... eventually it will. I can relate on the in/out of hospital too. Although, most of my stays are at the... (3 replies)
... hey def say that the scales are the most annoying centerpoint of this disorder!.. ... (9 replies)
It's me BKFREE
Feb 7, 2007
... to do relapse prevention things with me since im maintaining a healthy weight for a while now. and she has her degree in treating those with ed's so i guess it's def something that i should look into u know. ... (6 replies)
... You are def. headed in a downard spiral and endless cycles. I would suggest seeking professional help. With losing a lot of weight and getting below your bodies set point is when the "demons" set in the little monsters in your mind that tell you that eating is bad and will make you fat, that you look fat in the mirror even when you see your bones peaking through, or just... (6 replies)
Told my dad
Sep 27, 2006
... tuff out myself at the moment so Im not the best one to give advise but maybe now yuve told him just try and explain its not that easy adn giving you time limits def wont help!gud luck babe. ... (1 replies)
... hey Joni...I completely understand your frustration in terms of feeling like you have to be obsessed in order to ensure everythign will fit in. But to be honest, things dont have to be that way! I know youf eel you have to count cals to make sure you get enough, but think of it this way- you have SO much room to be far as going out and eating out goes, you could... (66 replies)
... Wow ok yeh I def stopped losing weight. I need to eat more, I know it and maybe a meal plan would help me. For being tall and really active and eating around 1,400 a day. ... (5 replies)
Feb 3, 2006
... thanks joni- i will def. mak time today to do a list. (5 replies)
... i would definitely take a look into reading caroline knapp's Appetites. While the book explores different levels of eating disorders, it also goes into detail about other self-destructive behaviors. It also goes in depth on sociological issues regarding dieting and how that affects a person. Eating in the Light of the Moon also offers a different take on eating disorders.... (2 replies)
... Hey girlie you most def. have an eating disorder. Trust me -- you are hearing it from a 16 year old girl who has battled with this for the last 7 month's and I know what I am talking about. It sound's to me that you may even be falling into anarexia. I'd go see a councilor about this, he might refer you to an eating disorder specialist/doctor and go from there. You need help.... (21 replies)
... but then again, I ate chocolate, which isnt the most filling but is def caloric! ... (8 replies)
... Before the weight gain started, I totally lost my appetite and felt uncomfortably full from a few bites of food. That was the main thing... I was NEVER hungry no matter how much exercise I did. I also was sleeping a lot and just felt crappy in a nonspecific way. I have been losing weight for the last few months since I started restricting water. Right now I am... (12 replies)
... Hi again I know you weren't looking for a diagnosis on the boards..I just wanted to make sure you didn't take any advice you got on here to mean a "medical opinion" or dignosis (I'm sure you wouldn't! but I have seen a few people on here who take all the advice they get literally). What kinds of docs have you been to? Specialists?? A good doc could tell the difference... (12 replies)
... Its called edema and yes it is from your ed. One day randomly both of my calfs and ankles swelled big time and i went to the dr., got some blood tests and found out that i had severe anemia, meaning that i did not have enough red blood cells as i should of had (actually one third less than i should have) The swelling was my body trying to hold onto fluids because i was lacking... (3 replies)

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