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... I just came across this post and felt compelled to respond. I've never posted on this board before, I lurk from time to time because I have dealt with distorted body image for the majority of my teen years and now it's following me into early adulthood, I just recently turned 23. ... (31 replies)
... It sounds like you know in the back of your head somewhere that not eating will NOT make things better... They will become infinitely worse... Think about it. First, body image problems don't go away. ... (5 replies)
... mporarily alter their weight. "Diabulimia" is extremely serious for many reasons, as it has a doubled rate of physical toll taken on the body than diabetes or an eating disorder alone. Playing with keytone levels, dehydration, kidney functioning and blindness is just the beginning of this desperate combination of body loathing. ... (2 replies)

... in coping with this, somehow i started some very bad eating habits. ... (4 replies)
... running through my life style, but I wont admitt it to them and my biggest reason on that is I dont want them to think every time they look at me, oh she has an eating disorder, she probably hasnt eatin today, you know? ... (31 replies)
... purging to get to a place where I did look like I was thin enough. It was sick, but it was part of the distorted thinking that went along with the malnutrition. I had lost a lot of weight, but I didn't see it. ... (6 replies)
... Well, those are good indicators of an eating problem. Also, look for some of the following signs... ... (7 replies)
... I don't think you have an eating disorder but you do sound very similar to how I was several years ago. ... (3 replies)
... e symptoms associated with typical anorexia without the actual restricted eating. I look for approval from everyone and had how I look. I have one of the worst distorted body images ever and everyone always tells me that I'm beautiful but it goes in one ear and out the other. ... (3 replies)
... t you won't feel guilty about eating, and just enjoy your boyfriend's company. He will be proud of you for making an effort and you can be proud of yourself for eating and not feeling guilty. I know it's easier said than done, but your boyfriend is on YOUR side. ... (31 replies)
... esteem issue. I think all women have some sort of distorted body image, even if it's really small..... ... (3 replies)
... Ya when our ED's have a strong hold on us, the good days seem very few and far between...I cant even begin to count the number of days id look in the mirror and start to cry b/c i didnt feel thin enough..Yet all my clothes were falling off, my bones sticking out, the little hair i do have was falling out, i looke sunken, yuck. All my friends and parents were telling me how... (31 replies)
... i have anorexia but am afraid to admit it. i havent had a period in two years. i know the dangers of anorexia and sometimes i scare myself into picking up normal eating habits for a while, but i always relapse. ... (4 replies)
... Wow, I can not believe that I just read that. I have been plagued with a horrible ED for nearly 15 years now. The severity has fluctuated from insanely bad to somewhat able to live with. I have done it all, anorexia, bulimia and every combination and variation of the two you can imagine. My worst was less than half of the weight I am today. Hardcore anorexia was how it all... (3 replies)
Distorted image?
Feb 12, 2006
... hi :) i completely understand the idea of looking at yourself in the mirror, although it may have the opposite effect for me..basically, i cannot see myself as skinny when i look in a mirror, all i see are the areas of my body i don't like, that are not as skinny as the rest of me..but when i look at photos it all sort of dawns on me, and if i find any photos of myself, i... (3 replies)
... see the larger you when you look in the mirror. you might have a distorted image of yourself. ... (3 replies)
... when he's around, everything seems so much better, and i talk to him about my eating a lot now, i just feel guilty for making him worry. ... (31 replies)
... Do not give yourself options you will find some way to talk your way around them. Make a decision and go forth with the same determination that you put into not eating and puring. ... (31 replies)
... this disease is soo frusterating! SaintAnger - ya its hard to see waht everyone else sees when you have so effectively convinced yourself that waht they are saying much be true. When i was at my worst, everyone told me how disguisting i looked, but now when i look back, i long to be that skinny again. Being at a normal weight is so difficult for me. i am struggling every... (31 replies)
... I'm there with you. I did this once before to lose weight...and it's happened again. I don't fast or starve but I don't eat NEAR enough fat. I've been eating more lately because I've now got panic disorder and I think that might have contributed to it. ... (31 replies)

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