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... I feel fat all the time too. Every day I have to get the reasurance from my partner that I'm not fat. I check myself in the mirror and see myself massive sometimes. I think alot of women get this who suffer with an eating disorder. ... (1 replies)
... i mean my friends say i'm skinny and my mother but i look in the mirror and i' mot happy is there something wrong with me? ... (1 replies)
... nse I can remeber my mom always complained about her body, worked out excesively, and was on a "diet". Being rasied in an envoiroment like that how do you think the child is going to end up. I was a competive gymnaist when I was little. My mom was too when she was growing up, and started me in lessons when I was a toddler. ... (43 replies)

... Hi aleash, i know,but i would still have to go through my doctor i think as its very different over here and its a very small island. the doctor would have to refer me to me to one. ... (43 replies)
... i dont know where to start really apart from i cant handle feeling like this any more, and dont know what to do. i dont actually know if i have the disorder or if it's a totally different problem. ... (43 replies)
... ave to starve yourself or throw up after every meal to have an eating disorder. Constantly thinking about your weight and feeling your "fat" more like skin, are all signs of eating disorders. ... (43 replies)
... I'm glad you came to this site for help and advice, the girls here are really great and have given me alot of advice. I do think this site does help, but it can only do so much. ... (43 replies)
... we are all intelligent people who realize and dangerous ED is and can also see the stupidity of the disease but it doesn't change that we have it or that we are participating in something quite dangerous. ... (43 replies)
... I hear you on trying to cope with so many tragic things, I'm sorry you had to experince so many horific experiences. I look at my life and sometimes I feel like I could write a soap. ... (43 replies)
... whenever some mile stone happens I always wonder about the twin, how would they look now, would they be as pretty as my surviving daughter, would they smart, all the things. ... (43 replies)
... where I am sticking my head in the toilet and have a sane moment where I can say Maggie WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU DOING. THen I try to think what the heck AM I doing. Am I sad, am I lonely, do I need a hug, am I angry, why am I wanting to throw up.... ... (43 replies)
... oh and yes I go back to school in the middle of September. ... (43 replies)
... hi maggie, im sorry to hear of your lost. it's the most heart breaking thing for a parent to go through, loosing their baby. words cant discribe it. Im always thinking the same about my daughter. ... (43 replies)
... god it scares me what you say, i dont want to head down that path, i really dont, but i cant see away out of it. I know i should get help. but i too scared what the doctor will think or do. I nearly made an appointment, but didn't have the guts. ... (43 replies)
... I do try and watch what i say or do in front of my daughter now, but there were times i'd complain about my weight, saying oh i look fat in this or god look at my stomach. she did start saying, look mummy my legs are fat. and this worried me. ... (43 replies)
... hi i am back. thanks maggie, i do agree, its just when people start telling you, you are stupid, i think you start believing it. It is great talking to all you guys, i know you all understand, and you all give great advice. I am really trying to listen to you all. ... (43 replies)
Feeling fat
Aug 26, 2005
... I know how you feel too.. I feel fat all the time.. and I always see a fat person in the mirror, even if the scale is telling me something different.. ... (4 replies)
... tina, I just wanted to say that I agree with everyone here. I too suffer from panic attacks, I know how bad they can be, I really do. I've had to be put on all different kind of meds that calm me down to prevent them. And I went through a psychologist, They really can help you with your panic and with your eating..... ... (43 replies)
... hi maggie. you have suffered a long time. IT aint nice. I dont know how long i had this, but within the past few years its getting worse. after having children i ballooned to a size 14, a few months later after having my baby daughter. ... (43 replies)
... aleash, thats good though that you are ready to amit to the professionals, like you said to me, it is the hardest step, but you have to start some when, but in your own time and when you feel you are ready. ... (43 replies)

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