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... ay you have an ED, you don't neccarly have to starve yourself or throw up after every meal to have an eating disorder. Constantly thinking about your weight and feeling your "fat" more like skin, are all signs of eating disorders. ... (43 replies)
Feeling fat
Aug 26, 2005
... I know how you feel too.. I feel fat all the time.. and I always see a fat person in the mirror, even if the scale is telling me something different.. ... (4 replies)
... hi i am back. thanks maggie, i do agree, its just when people start telling you, you are stupid, i think you start believing it. It is great talking to all you guys, i know you all understand, and you all give great advice. I am really trying to listen to you all. ... (43 replies)

... I'm glad you came to this site for help and advice, the girls here are really great and have given me alot of advice. I do think this site does help, but it can only do so much. ... (43 replies)
... the thought of living the rest of my life with the ED and having to diet and exercise so much was just unbearable. It filled me with hopelessness and despair. ... (4 replies)
... where I am sticking my head in the toilet and have a sane moment where I can say Maggie WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU DOING. THen I try to think what the heck AM I doing. Am I sad, am I lonely, do I need a hug, am I angry, why am I wanting to throw up.... ... (43 replies)
... Well, I don't think that my friend has talked to the teacher she was talking about yet.. so.. I dunno.. A part of me hopes that she doesn't.. because I don't know whats gonna happen.. and its just so confusing.. ... (28 replies)
... i dont know where to start really apart from i cant handle feeling like this any more, and dont know what to do. i dont actually know if i have the disorder or if it's a totally different problem. ... (43 replies)
... hi maggie. you have suffered a long time. IT aint nice. I dont know how long i had this, but within the past few years its getting worse. after having children i ballooned to a size 14, a few months later after having my baby daughter. ... (43 replies)
... ping is ok. you are risking your life every time you do this . ... (5 replies)
... how do you stop yourself feeling this way? ... (43 replies)
... ont know whats wrong with me. it really upsets me. just reading your message made me cry, not in a horriable i know what your saying. thank you also. i cant help feeling this way, i want it to stop, i really do. I have a daughter as well and i dont want it effecting her, but i think i have slightly. ... (43 replies)
... ack home for a dinner party and that night i puked and was elated as that was one way of controlling weight, bu didn't realize problems that are coming my way... all complications. ... (43 replies)
... seems like a good idea. it always starts with the best of intentions. ... (43 replies)
... that validate me. i write. when i feel i'm sliding, i pull out a piece of paper and write my thoughts into words. sometimes i even get a song or poem out of the deal, but even if i don't, putting things into words really helps me analyze. ... (43 replies)
... t challenge of my life and i WILL overcome it!" and i think it in a super determined voice, like an epic Civil War film or something, with my army behind me and the music swelling, and people in the audience getting goosebumps on their arms. ... (43 replies)
... The longer you have an eating disorder, the longer you will have it. If you keep with it long enough it is forever. ... (7 replies)
... Thank you for your is always encouraging to read that I am not a lone in all of this. ... (4 replies)
... That's exactly how it was for me last week. I just got out of school last friday. But last week we had exams all week, so. ... (36 replies)
I try to...
May 3, 2005
... ven obvious until years later but it can kill you, or, as with saybrook, make you unable to have children, permanent damage alters your life, and not usually for the better. ... (6 replies)

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