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... I just wanted to let u kno that u are totally not alone. I have suffered from an eating dissorder for about 2 yrs and i still do. sometimes it gets worse. when i am under a lot of stress or kno that i am goin to have to get dressed up and look good. ... (10 replies)
... Hey. Sorry I haven't been on to reply to anyone's messages. I haven't had the time to sign on to lately. I want to thank everyone for their replies. ... (17 replies)
Nov 6, 2002
... I am having some problems with my eating disorders again, and have a few questions I am hoping someone can answer for me. I have been bulemic for two years, but I got better for a short period of time. Well last week I was a homecoming maid for our school and I wanted to lose some weight, so I stopped eating so much. ... (7 replies)

... ls, ew, that girl bothers the heck out of me too and i haven't ever even seen her! ... (77 replies)
... well i guess im writing this because i just feel really bad and im not sure if i have reason to or should or why or.. or what for.. one of those nights i guess. I dont have an eating disorder, well i dont have one thats been classafied by a doctor.. ... (7 replies)
... I just told my family and my fiancees family too and EVERYONE has been supportive. Some of them are clueless to how severe it really is, but they do know it gets worse with time and can ruin your health. ... (0 replies)
... Good Morning everyone, Well i'm doing really good this morning, and i had a very good weekend also. I'm making progress with my parents, we even talk! and thats a good thing. ... (5 replies)
... I know exactly what you mean about wanting to change but still getting the negative thoughts. I have anorexia, and while I'm not skin and bones, I still have obsessive thoughts. ... (6 replies)
I dont know
Mar 1, 2005
... Sorry that its been what seems like forever since I've had a chance to make a post. How are you doing? ... (5 replies)
... Hi blutooth thank you for responding to my message. you do sound alot like me! how old are you? ... (11 replies)
I need help please
Jun 28, 2004
... But I guess I became too comfortable...I slid all the way from one extreme to the other and was overeating...or at least gained more weight than I had EVER wanted to...merely because I had stopped obsessing and paying attention. ... (8 replies)
... I have been having a dream pretty frequently that I guess is associated with bulimia. In my dream, my teeth keep falling out. I will notice that one is loose and wiggle it a bit, and to my horror, it falls out. ... (5 replies)
... Im so glad people here can relate to what Im going through, I swear sometimes I feel so crazy. I started my period today and I ate soooo much, I mean more than Ive eatin in 3 months....I hate it now cause no matter how HARD I try to not count calories I always do in my head..... ... (7 replies)
... I have a question. I know that I have a problem, but I'm not exactly sure if it's bulimia or not. I don't necessarily want to lose weight. I'm happy at my current weight, though I wouldn't mind losing 5 pounds or so. I'm not looking to weigh 90. ... (5 replies)
... I am a bulemic. I have been for over 8 years now. I am out of control and I want to stop, but I don't know where to start. I keep telling myself that I'll stop, but I can't. ... (3 replies)
Should I or not?
Aug 3, 2005
... i just need to be out on my own is what i need tot be, but i dont have the money to do that, and i can't get a good job, i keep putting applications in everywhere and i just cant get a job and I dont know why. ... (13 replies)
... well, if you throw up because of physical discomfort from eating too much, then no. ... (12 replies)
... Thanks for writing me back. Everyone on here seems so nice. I've been feeling like I wish I could get the anorexia back so I would stop making myself throw up. I feel like I would probably be a lot healthier and feel better if I would just stop throwing up and stop eating. I haven't even been binging lately. ... (5 replies)
... t purging from the flu as opposed to bulimia, BUT I do understand all the risks. Somehow, I just know I'll be okay and won't die from this before I recover. I know God will protect me. ... (43 replies)
... anorexia. I don't think about it or look back. I can't even imagine making myself throw up again... ... (8 replies)

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