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... I don't think I have anything new to throw out there. Just that I am stuggling with my negative mental state of mind above everything else. ... (4 replies)
... Why, I haven't gone anywhere. ... (232 replies)
... I'm new here. Actually I'm new to online forums in general, I guess i just never got around to joining any. ... (2 replies)

... I exercise everyday at least 30 minutes and i usually do an hour to an hour and a half, but lately ive had no time to go to the gym and i feel guilty about that. ... (61 replies)
... I dont know whats wrong with me, I cant put my finger on it, but I know that something is wrong and it is driving me insaine! ... (4 replies)
Fight Club!
Oct 11, 2005
... Ready to throw the towel in? ... (455 replies)
Fight Club!
Aug 26, 2005
... o's its probably because I am crying. I am feeling completely overwhelmed and alone. Its been one of those week were I would give anything I had to get a real hug or a heart felt conversation from a loving family member. The problem is I don't have any of those except my children. ... (455 replies)
... So sorry I haven't been around much, I really am. ... (11 replies)
EDs at work
Sep 21, 2004
... I understand how you feel. I am trying my best not to purge at the moment and in order to do that I'm not eating at work. ... (21 replies)
... Awwww, sweetie....I sure wish I knew the solution to your bingeing. know, I just remembered something. ... (232 replies)
... you had just moved an lost the only thing you knew. I wouldn't be a bit surprised if your 4 year old's mind didn't think....will I be moved next? ... (383 replies)
... Chachacha, I don't honestly know what the root cause of my anorexia is. I have spent the last few months trying to understand where it is from and I can't pinpoint one exact thing. Although I can pinpoint the final trigger at 14 and I assume that once those floodgates are opened it is hard to not continue. ... (383 replies)
Apr 15, 2003
... although it wasn't terribly bad. I would starve myself and only eat bread and water...but never was it drastic. ... (3 replies)
... I'm so sorry ur not feeling great at the moment. I can totally empathise witht the bit about not knowing whether i actually want to get better but i think thats sth we all go through... ... (4 replies)
Fight Club!
Sep 30, 2005
... but then the binging started and VERY quickly it got completely out of control. i just couldn't stop doing it, no matter what i tried. ... (455 replies)
... So as most of you who are reading this know I finally told my mother that I was bulimic and her response wasn't exactly postive, actully it was more tottaly negative. ... (15 replies)
Fight Club!
Aug 15, 2005
... I do still think about the other from time to time but as yet haven't gone there...sometimes when I feel numb I think about that to make myself feel something.. ... (455 replies)
Jan 23, 2005
... I know how you feel sweetie. And yes, in a way you have answered your own question, you are ruining your life. ... (3 replies)
Jan 16, 2002
... I'm doing absolutely terrible. I've so incredibly depressed, hopeless, blah, I hate me for the last couple days. I've been binge eating too. I think I'm trying to self medicate myself with food. I don't even have the motivation to throw up. ... (4 replies)
So miserable...
Dec 6, 2001
... Hey sweetie. I know exactly how you feel! I have been so stressed out over school the past couple weeks. And last night while I was studying I ate a lot of cereal and my stomach felt really "uncomfortable". ... (5 replies)

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