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... you just gotta keep talking to her. she needs to realize that this behavior WILL NOT STOP after 30 pounds more weight loss. it just won't, that's the way the disorders work. ... (12 replies)
... Well, ummm....err.....hmmmmmmm....YUCKY!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL Sorry, Quench. Hate to shoot down your idea but...I think you may have forgotten that I have this very odd digestive problem during the day. I cannot digest fats... ... (232 replies)
Can anyone help?
Mar 21, 2004
... Firstly, I would like to say your post neither confused or bored me! ... (471 replies)

... I'm not going to the gym. ... (77 replies)
Donut ... help!
Feb 28, 2006
... okay, i really need some support. for those of you who don't know, i'm already on a REALLY high calorie diet to gain weight. ... (9 replies)
... Have you considered asking your doctors NOT to tell you your weight when you get weighed? ... (22 replies)
... hey, don't feel bad hon. we are VERY concerned for you, but it comes from a sincere desire to see you recover. have you let me down? ... (24 replies)
... In March last year on my way to back university after my half term holiday, I suddenly decided I was going to lose lots of weight in the five weeks left before the Easter holidays so that when I got back home, people would notice and start to worry about me. ... (7 replies)
... jog, come home and eat a small breakfast, get dressed, leave the house, stop in the car and get a latte at starbucks, then drive up to the airport 2 hrs away to pick up my best friend. I figured we'd get lunch since she was arriving around 1pm. ... (6 replies)
... Yea, my mum sorta knows about this eating problem, or at least she THINKS she knows. She thinks that I eat at school, and eat tea with her and eat breakfast when she makes me, but she knows I will skip it if I get the chance. ... (36 replies)
... hey girl! I don't really have much to say or know what to say, so i'm basically just checking in and saying hi. one thing i'm sensing is that i think you need more STRUCTURE in your recovery plan. ... (77 replies)
... Anyway, the dichotomy you pointed out in my thinking is really true, but that is honestly how I FELT. After brunch I felt full and satisfied and sort of bad that I ate that entire thing and wasn't completely overstuffed. ... (47 replies)
... First of all, PLEASE don't apologize...I love your long posts! I get excited to see what you have to say everyday. It's fun!! ... (12 replies)
... Ohh, so you read about the Oreos. I should have deleted that post before you got back. LOL Once I saw you were back, I thought, "Uh,oh, I think I'm going to catch it good now! ... (232 replies)
... I realize you still have issues with eating, food, counting, etc. I didn't mean to minimize any of that, sweetie, because I know that it's not completely normal to do all the counting you do, etc. ... (232 replies)
... Awww, sweet of you to even comment about my 'puter problem. It's just sooooo frustrating when something happens and you don't know what caused it, much less how to fix it!! One thing I didn't mention is that the night before last we had about a 10min power outage here, and I've no idea why. ... (383 replies)
SO full!
Jul 29, 2006
... No LS, I dont think its a good idea to skimp on lunch because of breakfast. I remember when I was recovering there were many many times I had to force myself to eat. You seem to be constantly forgetting that you ARENT recovered nor is your eating going to be normal. ... (23 replies)
Portion Sizes
Mar 8, 2006
... I feel incredibly guilty and then the ED voices are screaming at me "you pig, you shouldn't have ate that much!". Like for example when I eat my cereal in the's approx. one cup and for veggies, it's approx. ... (1 replies)
... of 2005. I started by eliminated all sodas from my diet and lost 10 pounds. So I figured "Hey, why not try eating healthy, cutting my portions, and exercising to see what happens? ... (1 replies)
... Perhaps your body will just take time to settle at the weight it is supposed to be at. If you eat normally, you body will settle at the weight it is supposed to be at. ... (5 replies)

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