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... Put it to the Dr just like that and I know he'll know what it's called. And I'm sorry, I don't remember what they do for it. Based on all you're eating, being hungry after an hour doesn't make sense. But I also agree that you need more protein, especially because of all the exercising you do. ... (6 replies)
... Hi, I don't understand what's wrong with my body. I constantly have to eat every hour. ... (6 replies)
... disappointed with yourself for getting frustrated and pissy because you were hungry. that is COMPLETELY normal and it's what happens to everyone when they're hungry because your blood sugar drops really low. how to avoid it then? ... (66 replies)

... e i can RELATE to. LoL. Today everyone was having a conversation at our lunch table about how the eat often during the day, and a lot of people considered eating every 4 hours to be often. But I sat there thinking...I have to eat every 2 HOURS! But the thing is... ... (10 replies)
... out what to eat and healthy choices and what not. I had yogurt, grapes, quaker rice cake things, a banana, cream of wheat, and a lean cuisine meal. I get a break every 2 hours, so I eat then and rarely do I ever feel hungry inbetween. ... (4 replies)
... hours of sleep a night because I kept thinking about food and how not to eat it and how hungry I was. I would sometimes go 3 day stretches without sleep. ... (5 replies)
... No, no, no...I do not feel ganged up on at all! I feel extremely supported by each and every one of you and it means so much to me that you all take so much time to post to me. ... (47 replies)
Very weak
Nov 28, 2004
... e had a eatting disorder for about 3 years now. It started off where i would hardly eat anything, and my stomach would be starving. Now my stomach hardly feels hungry anymore, and I don't feel hungry enough to eat more than one meal a day. I've also had these stomach pains, right below my ribs for about a year now off and on. ... (2 replies)
... I do restrict my calories every day. ... (5 replies)
... I work out cardio for an hour a day, and weight lift for an hour a day. Almost every day, but I do take a rest day, and feel guilty as all he. ... (9 replies)
... case - im not always upbeat!! but the way i think about life is that i dont want to be in my 70's and think "what a waste - i wasted so many years dedicated to the ed - it took away so many happy experiences" why live a life in i say - try and change now and create many happy experiences which you can reflect on and smile...:) Emlit - and everyone - im sorry to... (6 replies)
Plz help
Apr 4, 2005
... thats normal and unhealthy. If this behavior has just started it will be easier to fix then if you wait till it turns more serious. try eating a small amount every couple of hours. If you eat too much at once you'll feel sick and not want to eat for a while. ... (6 replies)
... ay be easier to control your binging if you make a schedule for yourself and decide what and when you're going to eat the day before. Then eat a little something every 2 or 3 hours to keep you from getting hungry. And when you feel you're getting hungry eat something quick like an orange. ... (21 replies)
Eating Disorder
Jul 8, 2004
... and then I go exercise for 2 hours or so afterwards to try to burn it off. It used to be I would do this sort of thing rarely after a super stressful week or something of that nature. ... (2 replies)
... Throughout the day I drink as much water as I can. I can easily drink 2 litres by 3 in the afternoon. I think I'm addicted to water and soft drinks. I buy one every time I go in a shop and after everything I eat. ... (3 replies)
Lost in food
Jul 26, 2005
... (4 replies)
Please help
May 5, 2005
... Telling parents is very hard...especially in person. When I was 19 I was still living at home. I would exercise every morning for 2 hours and then eat nothing but oatmeal when I got hungry. I lost weight extremely fast but I was tired all the time. ... (50 replies)
... I just finished crying for about 2 hours. I feel like I've eaten so much. This irrational, SCARY feeling has just come over me that I'm going to wake up adn be a balloon. ... (2 replies)
... Ok, I won't lecture you.... The best way to avoid b/p is to eat small meals/snacks constantly...meaning,every 2-3 hours. You have to avoid getting too hungry, which will set off your urge to b/p. Don't eat large meals, which could also trigger you desire to purge. But EAT, PLEASE....I don't think you want to collapse at the prom, do you?? Without fuel (food) your body can't... (46 replies)
... Hey girls! Sorry I haven't been on here in a while, I've been really busy with extra stuff going on with my kids (parent/teacher conference week, ballgames, etc). Also I've been trying to get all of this stuff worked out with the outpatient clinic. For a while there I really didn't think I was going to get to go, but I've decided to do it no matter what. I'm going to start... (66 replies)

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