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... anorexic, bulimic and body dysmorphic girl move into our flat to live with her boyfriend. She has been here around about two months. ... (2 replies)
... to live with one of us, so let me try to explain a few things about your housemates behaviour, and perhaps you could post about what would make it easier to live with one of 'us'? ... (2 replies)
Any sites?
Jan 20, 2005
... A source of hope and information for parents of children with eating disorders. ... (4 replies)

... just start off by saying i know how upsetting it can be to have someone close to you go through this... When i was 13 i became anorexic... and it wasn't just a living hell for me, but for my family too... i am now 18, and i still struggle with the way i look and feel about myself.. ... (7 replies)
... re weight loss. it just won't, that's the way the disorders work. she can argue till she's blue in the face but tell her to research anorexia. there isn't ONE anorexic EVER in the history of the disorder who reached their "goal" weight and was able to then "stop" being anorexic and start eating and living normally. ... (12 replies)
... Ocean I back you on this one! Big time. I have heard some scary stories from girls who really truly thought it was easy to jump on the anorexic road and hop off at their desired weight. But it never works like that. ... (11 replies)
... I can relate so much hun. I remember whenever I first could admit to myself that something wasn't right with the way I handled my life. ... (8 replies)
Aug 15, 2005
... I don't necssarly think my ED was started by a friend persay, I have always struggled with ED the whole time I was growing up. But I would deffiantly say that my bulimia started when I moved into college. ... (10 replies)
... Aur, you are not to worry about any of us have enough to deal with as is. ... (45 replies)
... Please forgive me. I just can't cope at the moment. I am snowed under with everything, failing to complete anything, and being an awful friend to people like you all. ... (45 replies)
... i have struggled with eating disorders since i was 12 and am now 25. i was anorexic for years and then while i was in college, i eased out of it for awhile. when i turned 21, i developed severe stomach problems. ... (3 replies)
... I'm tense and scared living with my parents, which is where I'm living right now, so it's extra hard for me to eat. ... (1 replies)
Mar 15, 2005
... I was actually hoping some of you could let me know how you are all coping with day to day life living with an eating disorder...because quite honestly I don't seem to be 'coping' very well at all. ... (1 replies)
... hey im a recovering anorexic. Today I ate a special k bar, an apple turnover, chocolate frozen yogurt, 4 fig newtons, an entire wonka bar, a pb&j sandwich, a bowl of cereal, some chicken, fruit snacks, grapes, a muffin, a bagel and cream cheese and a bunch of walnuts. Ive been crying for 4 hours straight and I cant walk because my stomache hurts so bad. this is the second time... (19 replies)
... I do know in the past she has had very little food in her house, and now she is living with her boyfriend and he is away every week during the week, for work. I need to talk to her, but would like some advice on what to say. ... (4 replies)
... Hey there I would definitely say there's a problem there. The thing is, there's not much you can actually do. She has to want to change and it sounds like she doesn't. You've brought it to her attention that you know it seems. All you can really do is offer to be there to listen or help her if and when she wants it. There's really not too much else. It makes people feel... (2 replies)
... what happened. you are not, i repeat, NOT going to go through the "binge phase" of recovery, so don't worry. it's not an inevitable thing that every recovering anorexic goes through. ... (6 replies)
... being under weight. my therapist says that with time and as your weight gets back up to healthy, this obsession with food goes away. ... (4 replies)
... the ED. I mean, I think pretty much anyone would become obsessed with weight if this happened to them. It's like I am living an anorexic's worst nightmare. I am really just having a hard time dealing with the weight obsession and my disgust and panic about gaining weight. ... (12 replies)
... the time, throwing up blood didn't bother me nearly as much as gaining weight did. So when I found myself eating uncontrollably after 3 years of very controlled anorexic behaviour, I freaked. ... (45 replies)

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