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... been going months now just surviving on one or 2 cups of pudding or a spoonful of peanut butter a day and I want to break this cycle, so I'm trying to eat again normal and I get sick to my stomach. ... (1 replies)
... thanks abbec for your reply!! i have been gaining a lot of weight this week and don't know why. that is what scares me the most. i think it all boils down to a control issue, if i cant control it i feel helpless. i havent been eating any more than normal and i dont even meet my daily requirements(i know i should), so how can one gain?? i will never beat this illness unless i... (3 replies)
... ur body will recover to a normal balance the more normal your eating becomes.. ... (3 replies)

Is this normal?
Mar 10, 2007
... and now that I'm not my body is retaining extra water because it's so used to being dehydrated. I've been hard on my body so I guess I can expect it to not be normal for awhile. I've been recovering slowly from my ED for 2 yrs. It's been hard work but well worth it. Someday I'll be normal again. Can't wait!! ... (2 replies)
Is this normal?
Mar 9, 2007
... That did happen to me. Once I gained weight, my weight went to the middle of the normal range for my height and stayed there for 6 months to a year. ... (2 replies)
Is this normal?
Mar 9, 2007
... I just have a question. I believe I read somewhere that this IS in fact normal but I just want to get some opinions here. ... (2 replies)
... hat I restrict so much that I don't even know when I'm hungry half the time anymore. So, when I eat even a small amount, I feel like a fat pig. By the way, I'm normal weight. I just think I was alot happier when I was fat. At least then I didn't spaz out if I gained 5 lbs. ... (4 replies)
Normal eating??
Oct 5, 2006
... hi mops i see normal eating as eating what you like when you feel like it - to the point of being satisfied...not completely stuffed. i have many (quite thin and "normal" eating) friends who do just this - they are in tne with their bodies and feed it when they need to... though, i have to say - that in recovery from ed's we all do feel extremely full after just a few bites... (1 replies)
Jan 20, 2005
... ut they aren't healthy...i'll have fettuchine alfredo or nachos or fries or pizza. i hate the way thisfeels!!!!! i just want to eat normally. be like every other normal person. either i don't eat at all, or i can't stop eating. i hate this! i want to be able to eat whatever i want and be able to tell myself okay you're full. ... (2 replies)
... Well im glad you realize how difficult recovery is, b/c let me tell you, i struggle with it everday. I would sya physically i am fully recovered. Ive been at a normal weight for about 4-5 months, i exercise normally, can participate to my full ability in sports and am able to go out with my friends and eat the after bar food that they do with out the guilt! I would say... (12 replies)
... Well, someone mentioned that it was NORMAL to feel, that's when I have to purge. I'm so sick of feeling this way. ... (5 replies)
... e same day and not hating myself. If I eat anything I feel so guilty and have to go burn like 1000 calories to make myself feel better. My mom tells me that it's normal to feel full after you eat, but I can't remember what normal is. ... (5 replies)
... Hey just wanted to let you know that i also feel the same way...sometimes i feel like i shouldnt eat at all, but still when i look at myself i see the most hidious person standing in front of the mirror, being normal?? no matter how well we get and if we were to get out of our EDs we would still judge ourself, everyone judges ones self but its drilled into our just... (5 replies)
... Today is just a hard hard day. I havn't been eating alot this past week because of a huge binge on Saturday, but today I made cookies...bad mistake. I know that deep down eating cookies isn't all that bad, but I just feel so gross and fat. Why is this cycle always here? All I do is look online at how many calories I can contain and still maintain my weight, but the amounts... (5 replies)
... Honestly binge eating generally involves HIGH calorie counts like 3,000 calories and generally those that binge eat do it for emotional reasons. Now understand it is not a cookie cutter thing so labeling yourself a "binge" eater I don't think is a good idea. I am glad to hear you are recovering, my first question is do you have an eating plan (like from a nutritionalist)... (5 replies)
... Hi, I woke up this morning with the same goal as I did yesturday--To stop being bulimic! That has been my goal for over two years now! I have stopped throwing up for a whole month in a row once throughout the past few years, and some weeks are better than others, but when I say better I mean that I restrict my food and eat a very rigid diet! You see before I was bulimic I... (3 replies)
... lly frustrated, and i heared some voice in my mind ask me to take laxatives, but i still havent do it,, im afraid that i will be back to my past.. Do u think its normal if a girl with 152cm high then hv 44,5kg? ... (4 replies)
... Hi everyone.. I am 25 and am a bulimic since i was about 16 yo, and now im truly wanna stopthis bcoz ive got so many bad things comes through my life such as losing period (the most frustrated one), then yellow teeth, dry skin, swollen cheeks n neck, thin hair and lost hair so much, problem in my throat nose and ears, and many more.. :( And now i truly wanna recovered from... (4 replies)
... re progressive and most people go through periods of having anorexia to bulimia or bulimia to coe etc. The good news is that you want to want to eat carbs and be normal again! The physical symptoms that you are feeling after eating won't last long. Give it time maybe three or four weeks of feeling bloated. ... (1 replies)
... Hi there, I suffered with Bulimia and Anorexia for about 5 years through school and college, which i had plenty of counselling for and managed to get under control.The problem is, it flares up every now and again, the past few weeks being an example. The thing is, I don't have to make myself sick at all,i just think about it and it happens, its like I cant stop it from... (0 replies)

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