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... I'm not even sure how to start this but I guess I'll just jump right into it. I think I have an eating disorder, but sometimes I wonder if I do because there are people out there that seem so much worse off than me. How bad do I need to be to have one? ... (4 replies)
... STOP TAKING THE LAXATIVES IMMEDIATELY!!! I am begging you. And why am I begging you? ... (10 replies)
... Please do listen to what the others are saying here. Laxatives are such dangerous medications and it really really upsets me that they are so readily available from chemists. ... (5 replies)

... So much of what you wrote sounds exactly like me, except I drank the tea for 6 years. ... (1 replies)
... OK. so this is my first time posting to ANYTHING in my life. I don't usually seek help like this, but i stumped myself. i dont' know what to do. ... (10 replies)
... came bulimic, I used to throw up all the time and take laxatives. I have tried to get better and in doing so I have managed to not throw up as much. But I take laxatives a lot and that scares me. The only time I really ever throw up is when I get so sick from taking too many laxatives. I usually take around 20 a day. ... (2 replies)
Sep 6, 2002
... I started out by vomiting after almost every meal until my dentist said something to me. Then I moved on to taking laxatives. I have kind of fell in and out of taking them for the last 8 years but for the past year it has gotten pretty bad. I am now up to taking anywhere from 1 to 6 pills daily, depending on what I eat. ... (5 replies)
... Hi i have suffered from ED for nearly 20 yrs. With the help of a loving family and partner i have been in what i call recovery for about 7 yrs. I still have bad days, but i do eat well, and not dont throw up any more. I am still on AD which i have been on for 10 yrs. ... (4 replies)
... I haven't abused laxatives in 10 months. I abused them for more than 6 years, but i'm also in recovery for anorexia and bulimia. ... (49 replies)
... hey sunny i to have the same problem i am taking way to many lax now which im meant to be cutting down but the more i try the more i freak out and increase.. ... (4 replies)
... I want you to know that it does get better. I have been able to quit taking them after abusing them for years. ... (49 replies)
Advice needed...
Jan 12, 2005
... From what you described about your thoughts of yourself and your behaviors you do have many signs of someone with an Eating Disorder. I don't think your friends and Family are just saying you're, you ARE skinny. ... (4 replies)
... there's not much else you can do to lose weight. THis cycle is not fun. Besides, I have IBS with constipation, so I'm already unhealthy. ... (9 replies)
... hiya sing, laxatives are a horrible, HORRIBLE thing that stimulate your bowel causing you to poo! If you take too many you have stomach cramps and diarreah, and if you take them over a long period of time they are damaging and addictive. ... (2 replies)
Where do I start?
Sep 26, 2006
... Well, where do I start? ... (0 replies)
Can't do it!
Jan 27, 2001
... Gail Hi, I do know that feeling so well of thinking that you are in too deep that the big picture is just too massive to contemplate. ... (3 replies)
... saving Insulin in order to temporarily alter their weight. "Diabulimia" is extremely serious for many reasons, as it has a doubled rate of physical toll taken on the body than diabetes or an eating disorder alone. ... (2 replies)
... I have been using laxatives for nearly ten years, at a dose of nine per night. I recently stopped using them. Like others, I was afraid I would never have a bowel movement again. ... (49 replies)
... hey congratulations on making it to 4 days!! im also bulimic i restrict, binge purge and use laxatives...i understand completely what you mean about people finding out and that is the last thing you want them to know is a right here and now are doing so well! ... (14 replies)
... For a few years now i have suffered from general poor health, dental problems constant throat infections and inflammation, acne, fatigue, headaches and many other general issues. Never once did i link these to my dependance on laxatives and purging through vommiting. ... (5 replies)

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