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Need a pick me up
Oct 22, 2006
... Oh sweetheart, I am so so so so sorry you had to go through that. I can completely relate. In fact I can completely relate a million times over. ... (3 replies)
... i know EXACTLY how you feel. I take a biology class and my teacher was talking about metabolism one day and about his bulimic friend and how her metabolism is all screwed up. ... (6 replies)
... your hair and skin will look better, you won't run the risk of maybe passing out somewhere and possibly hurting yourself and others in the process.. ... (2 replies)

... full of relaxation, sipping margaritas, eating delicious food, and not even thinking once about exercising...but it becomes the opposite for ED. "You're eating WHAT for lunch? ... (25 replies)
... Everything is going to be ok!!! I know it seems like there is no light at the end of the tunnel, but there is!! You have been doing so well following your meal plan and being dedicated to your recovery and I would just hate to see you give up at this point. ... (66 replies)
What is this?
Mar 14, 2006
... oh sweetie, a lot of us have that situation, so don't feel alone! you said you don't know anyone else with your same fixation, but i can tell you that on these boards, there are A LOT of girls just as fixated on dieting and exercise and their weight as you are. ... (3 replies)
Frozen yogurt...
Feb 3, 2006
... Honestly Joni, thank you so much for being so patient and so supportive of me during this transition. I really feel like you are giving me more of a healthy perspective. ... (8 replies)
... big time!!! And because of this eating disorder my skin has gonee terrribly OUT OF CONTROL!!! big painful cystic acnes!! and so that gets me depressed too!! did you have any skin issues aswell? ... (15 replies)
... can be, I really do. I've had to be put on all different kind of meds that calm me down to prevent them. And I went through a psychologist, They really can help you with your panic and with your eating.....Please stop this before it starts. I've had a lot of bad things happen in my past as well. ... (43 replies)
... honestly isn't it just awful to be a social worker and trying to combat ED at the same time. EVerytime someone tells me how helpful I've been etc, it makes me want to go home and slap myself silly. In fact my shrink always tell me you would never talk to your client the way you talk to yourself. ... (46 replies)
... Okay, I think it would do me good right now to let my feelings out to people who will listen and that know what I'm going through. I definitly know how dangerous ed's are and that there's a better way to live, but I just can't seem to kick this eating disorder. ... (27 replies)
... pounds for about 7 years. I suffered from Binge eating that whole time too. I am 26 now. I finally did lose those 20 pounds and I can tell you that yes, I am glad that I finally did it but Losing weight will not Make you happy, or will it make your problems go away. ... (2 replies)
Apr 17, 2005
... ELY!!!!!!!!!! Obviously the media alone doesnt cause an ed, but it is such a contributing factor and I am always aware of it when battling with my ed. Everywhere you look there are these gorgeous skinny model type women and it just makes you feel so bad in comparison. ... (7 replies)
... Hun, I think that almost all of us in here have probably had to deal with the bashing from "healthy" girls over jealousy. It's rough. You know, in a perfect world having all the girls jealous of you would make you feel good about yourself, right? ... (21 replies)
... Yeah, you do. I started to make myself throw up after big meals in July of this year. At first it was "nothing," so I refused to stop. ... (11 replies)
... I feel better about myself since I have taken these steps...even if they are baby do what I know I've needed to do for a long time. At least I'm TRYING....and I haven't really done much of that in a while now. ... (232 replies)
... You put so much time and thought into your suggestions and I just can't believe how sweet you are! ... (232 replies)
... So good to see you back! Your perspective is very important to us. You are different, yet you're the same as us in your struggles. Yes, I was a bit scared by your 1st post, too...I thought you sounded very... ... (383 replies)
... Janice Thanks for the vote of confidence, you are such a caring person. ... (383 replies)
Can anyone help?
Apr 12, 2004
... ve. Secondly, I refuse to believe that your parents don't love you. They do, but they are just too caught up in themselves to see how their actions are affecting you and your brothers. That does not take away the fact that you feel unloved, uncared for. ... (471 replies)

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