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... it would be dangerous and unethical. See if there are any eating disorder groups or clinics around your area and they can surely refer you to some one. ... (43 replies)
... hi aleash, I dont want to have an ed if thats what im suffering with, i certainly wouldn't consider it being an good idea.why would i. i know its an illness. I cant help the feelings i suffer with. ... (43 replies)
... Hi snitter, thank you for your advice. ... (43 replies)

... It's not going to get better by stressing over it. Try to relax and find something to do that you enjoy. I think you'll find that your appetite will come back in due time because your body has a wisdom of its own. ... (2 replies)
... just to clarify, we weren't saying you are thinking "gee, i'm gonna go out and get me an eating disorder! what a great idea! ... (43 replies)
... you have got what most people would consider THE perfect BMI... it's on the very low side of exactly what's reccomended for your height! congrats! ... (43 replies)
... Don't take this personally, and I know a lot of people will disagree but I don't think its right to get teachers involved. It may make your friend feel like she can't trust you and then she will hide things from you and you won't be able to help her at all. ... (10 replies)
What's the point?
Mar 15, 2004
... I am sure you are beautiful Emily, even if you don't think so! ... (426 replies)
... you don't want to get dehydrated!! ... (7 replies)
Is it...
Mar 25, 2005
... I dont know.. I just dont know anymore.. My friends say I'm not fat, but how do I know if they are lying? ... (14 replies)
... All i can say is thanks Rachel for putting this on here. It kinda gives you relief that your not the only one out there, ya know. ... (18 replies)
... Of course I understand, silly! I know very well that you have a life outside of these Boards. Everyone does. ... (232 replies)
... First off let me say that me and my husband share the same nickname on here. If you see my nickname being used by a guy then you will know why. I just didnt want you to think that Im a fake. ... (3 replies)
... All of those that u guys have posted I agree with and hate just as much as the next individual suffering or trying to recover from an ed. . . ... (22 replies)
... I dont expect any of you to read all of this, or even want to, lol, I just feel down and need to rant! ... (2 replies)
... I really hope that everything works out with you and your boyfriend, but I'm sure it will. Guys just get jeolous when they aren't the complete focus of your attention, ya know? ... (36 replies)
... whenever I came home, I was like ready to eat everything in sight! It was crazy. And what drew my attention was ice cream, like you said for you too. ... (36 replies)
... I am RIGHT there with you, hon. I am feeling fat fat FAT the past couple days ... I know I'm gaining and even at this point in recovery, it's making me feel like absolute crap. I still have some weight to gain to get to "healthy," and I swear to God, every pound feels like five. ... (4 replies)
... hey sweetie, sorry i've been away for so long. how are you doing right now? ... (33 replies)
... Thanks Anterrabae! Today has not been easy. I'm trying so hard not to count cals or worry about them. Lately I've been so stuck on not going over 2000 cals, and if I'm under that for the day, it's like I feel proud or something. I know that is my ED trying to creep back in and I need to stop it now. ... (6 replies)

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