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... I overeat all the time and it makes me feel terrible about myself. I've been trying to think about how I feel every time I want to eat something and I'm not hungry and write it down. ... (9 replies)
... Although I am not anorexic I do have an ED as most of you know. ... (12 replies)
... i mean my friends say i'm skinny and my mother but i look in the mirror and i' mot happy is there something wrong with me? ... (1 replies)

... I know how you feel. i just got back from the hospital 15 days ago, i had anorexia, MY my sister and brother in law was watching my all the time, what i was eating. ... (11 replies)
... It's strange because some days I feel completely recovered, then the very next day I'm freaking out again about my weight, food, etc. I realize that I fear gaining weight and getting fat more than anything. It's almost as if I would get fat it would be the end of the world. ... (4 replies)
... o I really just wanted to know I geuss..but. ... (5 replies)
... woe is me! i was SO bored all afternoon! ... (77 replies)
... this may be kind of a long post and i'm sorry, but i know you guys are here for me, as i am for you. I had to call into work sick today, this is only my 3rd time doing so in 15 years. i was so dizzy this morning and still am somewhat that i couldnt even walk straight. ... (1 replies)
... All i can say is thanks Rachel for putting this on here. It kinda gives you relief that your not the only one out there, ya know. ... (18 replies)
... oh babe, i know how you feel. binging is absolutely horrible and, in my opinion at least, VERY difficult to beat. ... (11 replies)
... hey girl! I don't really have much to say or know what to say, so i'm basically just checking in and saying hi. one thing i'm sensing is that i think you need more STRUCTURE in your recovery plan. i think it might help. ... (77 replies)
... For the past 16 years I've had a control problem with eating. ... (0 replies)
Why do I want it?
Sep 12, 2007
... It sounds like you're where I was for awhile. I'd restrict all week, and allow myself to eat out with my husband on weekends. Then it became that I could only eat salads when we went out on weekends. My safe food list kept getting smaller and smaller. ... (2 replies)
... tina, I just wanted to say that I agree with everyone here. I too suffer from panic attacks, I know how bad they can be, I really do. I've had to be put on all different kind of meds that calm me down to prevent them. And I went through a psychologist, They really can help you with your panic and with your eating..... ... (43 replies)
Why do I do this?
Aug 23, 2004
... You are of so much help to me thank you so much for all of your advice. ... (25 replies)
Feeling Hopeless
Jan 29, 2002
... Hi, I'm new here and I just really needed to talk to people who could understand me.I've been dealing with my ED for 17 years. I was doing O.K. for awhile and now I'm at the point where I feel like just giving up! ... (10 replies)
Why do I do this?
Sep 24, 2006
... s all i ever do is dream about food, planning my next meal right after i eat, i seriously don't think this has to do with hunger, or your body protecting itself, i just think people with ed are obsessed with food, a lot because we do restrict so much, and long to eat what everyone else does and they enjoy it, and we don't. ... (2 replies)
... I know what your going through. I constantly have been eating and I don't know why. It didn't start till I made up my mind to lose weight as I do weigh too much for my body type. I don't know what to do either all I know is I wanna lose weight but am now getting these cravings and feeling the need to eat.. ... (9 replies)
... I am so excited!!! Finally you have a REAL meal plan! This one sounds like it's definitely going to be a challenge for you, and that's the way it should be at first. You can't ease into it though. If the plan calls for more fat, then go ahead and add that in. ... (77 replies)
Why do we do it?
Jul 19, 2005
... Wow, well it is good to see that i am DEFINATELY not alone! Here i was not thinkin anyone was even going to respond or relate to what i was ranting about! If i were to try to talk about this with anyone of my friends or family they would most definately not understand. ... (14 replies)

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