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... Back then i think what triggered it was the fact that my older sister and i stopped being close when she moved away, and argued everytime we saw each other. ... (6 replies)
Why do I do this?
Aug 23, 2004
... I am more than happy to meet anyone who suffers the same and Im sure Jake will be, too. Tell us a bit about yourself if you feel you want to... ... (25 replies)
... ls, it makes me so happy and relieved to read your post! i was really worried that you were on the road to convincing yourself that you didn't need help and i'm SO glad that you realize the magnitude of this problem. ... (12 replies)

... so i haven't had time to write anything. i've been reading, sort of, but i've barely even had time for that. i do have a general idea of what's been going on with ya'll though, and i feel like everybody's keeping a positive attitude and fighting, which i LOVE to hear. ... (46 replies)
... Why do I think that? ... (2 replies)
Do i have one??
Oct 19, 2001
... Hello, I am new at this, and am just so confused at not knowing if I have an ed or not. ... (10 replies)
... hahaha. You told me exactly what I wanted to hear and what I needed to hear. It's almost like I need justification for not wanting to move to LA. Why can't I just be OK with living in the city that I grew up in? ... (77 replies)
What do i do???
Oct 17, 2004
... ok if any of you have been reading some of my posts, i've lost a lot of weight. ... (2 replies)
... It made me SOOOO happy to read your post!! It is amazing to feel accepting and loving of your body as it changes. ... (77 replies)
... although i totally appreciate the concern and it makes me love ya'll all the more! ... (18 replies)
... My story. My names Scott., Il tell my story and If you have any any advice to help me out, thats awsome. I apologise for the grammer and spelling mistakes in advance. Im a 17 year old male so I guess Im sort of the minority of this board, but heres my story. ... (10 replies)
Do i have one??
Oct 19, 2001
... You say that some days you eat lots and some days you eat hardly anything. First golden rule to stop these highs and lows is to eat 3 meals a day with a snack in between. ... (10 replies)
... Idk I feel foolish for coming on here but I've already been complaining to my family and my husband and I'm running outta option before I decide to do something drastic. ... (0 replies)
... I am RIGHT there with you, hon. I am feeling fat fat FAT the past couple days ... I know I'm gaining and even at this point in recovery, it's making me feel like absolute crap. I still have some weight to gain to get to "healthy," and I swear to God, every pound feels like five. ... (4 replies)
... sy. I'm trying so hard not to count cals or worry about them. Lately I've been so stuck on not going over 2000 cals, and if I'm under that for the day, it's like I feel proud or something. I know that is my ED trying to creep back in and I need to stop it now. ... (6 replies)
... I'm so sorry I didn't come on here sooner to help you out. You know what, though, your attitude is AMAZING. ... (46 replies)
... and I've been eating more regularly since. However, most of the foods that I have been eating are within my "safe" food list. Which is slowly getting bigger, but barely. ... (2 replies)
... hi everyone. I've been looking at these threads for a little over a week now, and i feel like i have so much in common with you all that i need to talk to you. i don't really know what to do about my ED anymore. it's completely taken over my life and i'm trying so hard to fight it, but i'm just not getting anywhere. ... (5 replies)
... I've posted on this board before but it has been a while. I usually read the updated posts though. I am having some problems and I needed someone to talk to. ... (4 replies)
... as I am scared to try. ... (4 replies)

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