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... thank you so much for yalls advice. Yes i am a christian. How could you guess? ... (4 replies)
Why do I do this?
Aug 23, 2004
... I am more than happy to meet anyone who suffers the same and Im sure Jake will be, too. Tell us a bit about yourself if you feel you want to... ... (25 replies)
Why do I do this?
Sep 24, 2006
... While its nice to know Im not alone. I feel like a fat pig thinking about food and stuff when I just had dinner. But it all makes since about what you said. I also find that keeping busy helps. I chew so much sugarless gum and drink lots of diet coke. ... (2 replies)

... All i can say is thanks Rachel for putting this on here. It kinda gives you relief that your not the only one out there, ya know. ... (18 replies)
... I hope I haven't missed you before you go to camp, because I havent posted. ... (36 replies)
... hi i am back. thanks maggie, i do agree, its just when people start telling you, you are stupid, i think you start believing it. It is great talking to all you guys, i know you all understand, and you all give great advice. ... (43 replies)
... Thanks for replying. I know i have to gain weight, i really do its just..well ya know...ughh. can you relate to this? ... (77 replies)
... tina, I just wanted to say that I agree with everyone here. I too suffer from panic attacks, I know how bad they can be, I really do. I've had to be put on all different kind of meds that calm me down to prevent them. ... (43 replies)
... my family thinks i do. i dont think so. well, i think i might have some issues with food but im not sure. i appreciate any opinions... sorry if this might become long.. ... (3 replies)
... Im starting to believe you NEVER fully recover from an ED. Im 34 and have suffered for years! Not to mention depression and OCD. My body image is horrible!!! Why is it that we feel soooooo good when we are "empty"? ... (5 replies)
... Okay im knew I just want to tell you bout me so it might be long but please read it...I really need someone to talk to that is like myself,it does help! ... (7 replies)
... s put in front of me when im feeling like this i feel my stomach churn, i never make myself sick though, family and friends say i should seek help, but i just feel as if i would be wasting doctors time cos i dont think there is anything wrong with me, but i dont know why im like this, does anyone have any advice please? ... (4 replies)
... They really do piss the hell out of me. My mom and dad have put me through so much and its like I havent been through enough crap the past year and a half. ... (0 replies)
... you wanna know something... i threw away my scale. bam, just like that, and i dont use my tape measure either i posted this already but i want you to read it. sorry its full of typos...but im feeling lazy and i need to get off the net. i hope it helps. ... (5 replies)
... I posted this as a reply already but who cares. I'm 24 yrs old and mother of one. I have been bulimic since the age of 15, binging and purging, starving, and procrastinating on life. ... (0 replies)
... I guess you're right, my friend is just trying to look out for me. But you know everyone is always yelling at me to eat. No one ever asks why I don't. ... (8 replies)
... started to take a least 5 laxatives a day...then I just went from restricting as much as I bingeing......then an exersize phase where i went to the gym everyday..and if i didnt burn off the amount i had in my head.. ... (12 replies)
... It made me SOOOO happy to read your post!! It is amazing to feel accepting and loving of your body as it changes. ... (77 replies)
... I guess I see what you're saying.. I know I used to not understand eating disorders, or cutting or any of that stuff when I was younger, and when I didn't have these problems myself.. I guess I was just kind of venting, and taking it the wrong way because I was just so upset.. ... (28 replies)
... D hi aleash, thank you. and well done to yourself as well. he is the best, thats why i love him so much, and marrying him. ... (43 replies)

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