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... i mean my friends say i'm skinny and my mother but i look in the mirror and i' mot happy is there something wrong with me? ... (1 replies)
... why do i feel fat when i know i am not? ... (2 replies)
... I think i have an eating disorder. Whenever i look in the mirror all i see is fat, i am 5'5" and 130 lbs. I started taking laxatives after i eat about a month ago, and i feel better, i feel like my life isn't totally out of control. But I still only see fat. I still only see ugly. ... (6 replies)

... I feel fat all the time too. Every day I have to get the reasurance from my partner that I'm not fat. I check myself in the mirror and see myself massive sometimes. I think alot of women get this who suffer with an eating disorder. ... (1 replies)
... I know how you feel. i just got back from the hospital 15 days ago, i had anorexia, MY my sister and brother in law was watching my all the time, what i was eating. ... (11 replies)
... I don't know what is happening to me, and I am scared, and I am not sure if I need to get help or if I should just wait this out. ... (4 replies)
... The thing is I still feel like a fat cow, I feel so bloated. ... (3 replies)
... I don't understand why one minute I can think that I am too thin and agree that I need help, and then the next minute I feel completely huge and out of control. ... (1 replies)
... I feel the exact same way you do. ... (5 replies)
... I think most of us here struggle with that same feeling. Obesity is not a "feeling", it's a physical condition but for whatever reason our eating disordered minds don't rationalize that out. The specific "why" may not ever be known and it's not always necessary for recovery. I believe some of human behavior (good and bad) is a result of things that occured during our brain... (2 replies)
... i wish i knew the answer! ... (2 replies)
... I lost the weight responsibly. I followed a low carb diet and did the taebo workout everyday....both of which I am still doing. No, I'm not vomiting or starving myself. ... (3 replies)
Feeling fat
Aug 25, 2005
... bloated feeling. ugh!!! this is exactly how i feel right now even though the day before yesterday i was feeling good and thin and ready to go into therapy on saturday and be like, "yeah! let's increase my calories more! ... (4 replies)
... I've really hit a pitfall this past week. It's been the worst ever. I've cycled with weight countless times in the past. I just turned 34, and I'm SO ready to move on with life, to let go of my weight obsession. ... (6 replies)
... Back then i think what triggered it was the fact that my older sister and i stopped being close when she moved away, and argued everytime we saw each other. ... (6 replies)
... So, I got my period last week for the first time in a very, very long time. I have been in recovery for a while, but I am still "thin," or at least I thought. I exercise, eat healthy, and it almost made me feel SAFE that my period never returned. Like maybe I was still thin and I didn't have to worry about being fat... ... (9 replies)
... thank you so much for yalls advice. Yes i am a christian. How could you guess? ... (4 replies)
... Hun, Your not fat 5"5 lbs and 130 lbs isnt fat You need to love yourself (6 replies)
Why do we do it?
Jul 18, 2005
... For me, it was my stomach. I once weighed 120lbs, I'm 5'6'. That wasn't skinny enough for me, though. So I just kept overexercising and starving myself, because all I could see when I looked in the mirror was my stomach sticking out. That was a couple years ago. ... (14 replies)
Why do we do it?
Jul 18, 2005
... I was thinking today, and I am not even sure why I am bulimic anymore. It makes no sense to have my life revolve around something so harmful, and to not even know why!! Does anybody else feel like this? ... (14 replies)

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