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... I am so sorry I didn't call today. I am having trouble with my family as far as my niece goes. she is wanting to live with me and they areliving without power and it is really consuming me right now. I forgot. ... (7 replies)
Why do I do this?
Aug 23, 2004
... My situation is similar to yours as well in the husband area. ... (25 replies)
... oooo, that scale at the doctor thing, ugh! i totally understand about knowing you should just say "i don't want to see the number," but then secretly wanting to see it AND not wanting to have to say that cuz then the nurse will "know" you have an ed, you know? ... (77 replies)

... I'm an over eater who purges. I eat large amounts of food, then I go into the bathroom as soon as I can and I purge, which takes a few tries for me to get even small amounts to come up. ... (3 replies)
... I just want to say that I am feeling so confused right now. I know it is a part of having an ED but my husband knows everything and I told him I am not going to starve, purge, or anything again. The truth is I don't want to stop I love it I love the feeling but at the same time I hate it just as strong. ... (7 replies)
... my family thinks i do. i dont think so. well, i think i might have some issues with food but im not sure. i appreciate any opinions... sorry if this might become long.. ... (3 replies)
... So today I went to my cousin's wedding shower and it was SO much fun. I got to see my cousins that I haven't seen in years, met a bunch of my cousin's girlfriends and we all drank wine, ate good food, played bridal games, and just had a blast! ... (15 replies)
Why Me!!!!!!
Sep 13, 2005
... I thought I had this under control, I thought that I had beaten it, and that I was finally going to be o.k. I realize that I will always struggle with my ED for the rest of my life, as I have since I was young. But, how it shows up, and I am not really even aware of it is beyond me. ... (5 replies)
Not Wanting Help?
Nov 28, 2004
... after all, I still eat every day. But you know what? ... (8 replies)
Wanting to give up
Aug 30, 2005
... I'm new to this board, but I'm hoping I will find some help. ... (7 replies)
... didn't mean to ignore it!! ... (383 replies)
... Charlyssa, I have no words to describe you. Your words are beyond me. You are just fill of compliments. Like I said before, you are by far the kindest person I have ever met. Absolutely amazing. Thank you for that. ... (383 replies)
... hey, don't feel bad hon. we are VERY concerned for you, but it comes from a sincere desire to see you recover. have you let me down? ... (24 replies)
... first of all, i wanted to say "yay!" for you sticking with your diet. ... (383 replies)
... I sought out professional help but they havnt done shit. they said i first need to get my bmi up before i can join group therepy sessions or have a therepist to talk to. wtf? ... (19 replies)
... first off, HUGE congrats to maggietudor for telling her husband. don't you feel a thousand times lighter? ... (4 replies)
... computer...I'm 21, and I've been bulimic for a little over a year. Nobody knows...and it all stems from perfectionism...I'm a psychology major at a top Ivy, and I know everything there is to know about disorders... ... (1 replies)
... That's exactly how it was for me last week. I just got out of school last friday. But last week we had exams all week, so. ... (36 replies)
... to have traveled to the wedding. ... (3 replies)
... OK, OK, I guess I deserved that very 1st paragraph of yours, so I will just cry myself to sleep tonight because you hurt me to the bone.....PSYCHE!!!!!!! ... (383 replies)

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