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SO full!
Jul 28, 2006
... mainly to ls, but the stuff i'm planning on writing will probably be helpful to all of us, even me, lol! ... (23 replies)
... I've feel like crap!! I feel like a big fat cow and I HATE this feeling! ... (3 replies)
... it's almost scary. And the weird thing is, I didn't even realize all of this myself! I have been so into being the perfect patient and the perfect role model at IOP that I have almost tricked myself into thinking I have been just coasting through it. ... (46 replies)

... hey gals! i too am sorry i didn't get on here when you were having such a rough time, pinstriped. i hope everything's "settled down" and you're feeling more peaceful now. ... (46 replies)
... Everything is going to be ok!!! I know it seems like there is no light at the end of the tunnel, but there is!! ... (66 replies)
... you should still go to the appointment tomorrow. Just becuase you can sit down and eat a turkey sandwich doesn't mean you are fine to do this on your own. The fact that you are even THINKING about eating the sandwich in the first place is the sign of your disorder! ... (66 replies)
... hey girl! i don't really have anything to say, but i just like to write to you! ... (24 replies)
... hi everyone. I've been looking at these threads for a little over a week now, and i feel like i have so much in common with you all that i need to talk to you. i don't really know what to do about my ED anymore. it's completely taken over my life and i'm trying so hard to fight it, but i'm just not getting anywhere. ... (5 replies)
Is it...
Mar 25, 2005
... My problem has been going on for about..a month now... yea.. only a month.. but.. Over the past two weeks I've lost 10 lbs. I haven't thrown up like.. a lot.. Only a few times.. but.. Its like.. if I don't throw up, or try to throw up, I don't eat.. and I feel guilty.. and bad.. and.. ... (14 replies)
... Hey Chris. Call me Megan. I know what you mean when you said you don't go out and you shut yourself out from the rest of the world. I used to go out all the time. I was always the life of the party. I still can be at times, but I noticed a huge change in my social life. ... (11 replies)
... s not what I meant. ... (232 replies)
... Hi everyone! I've been reading the boards for about a month now, and it's really helped me to realize I'm not the only one going through this. Everyone here seems to be very friendly and supportive, and I only hope someone has some advice for me. ... (2 replies)
Am I Bulemic?
Feb 28, 2001
... since December, i've been throwing up my food, everytime i eat, or at least almost everytime i eat. i find it difficult to hide my throwing up all of the time. my boyfriend takes me out to eat almost every night..usually to Burger King, and i tell him to take me home right after. ... (5 replies)
... Sorry, My computer sent the message before I had completed my answer. ... (36 replies)
... I remember going through what you are when I was at that point during my ED. Now I am able to eat without suffering. It has been since 2002 and I have been able to eat without despair. ... (6 replies)
I made the move!
Sep 7, 2006
... Hey, girl, congrats on the move! How's LA and the new job? ... (12 replies)
... snack time at IOP today. Mondays and Thursdays we have dinner there and Wednesdays we just have a snack. ... (77 replies)
... less then I do! ... (15 replies)
Getting help
Mar 6, 2006
... thank you so much for continueing to reply and be there, it means a great deal to me. Yesterday a friend of mine wanted me to come over to watch movies with her. her twochildren were there and one is 7 and one is 3 and even the oldest looked at me and says, chrissy how comes u dont eat very much? ... (12 replies)
... piscean, i know where you're coming from, hon. ... (4 replies)

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