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... My girlfriend has gone to rehab for eating disorders, and it all just seems to be so hard for her. She tells me how it's like, and I try to understand, but I can only comprehend so far. ... (2 replies)
... Hiya Aur!! But isn't that usually the way life is? To do the right thing is hard - doing the wrong this is easy. But you must keep trying...and you must try harder, Aur. Because losing a few lbs, when you have no 'surplus' to spare, is most definitely not the right thing! If you are determined to do this on your own, then you must keep up with the program's guidelines... (57 replies)
... Once again, I find an amazing wealth of comfort from your words. You are all such lovely, caring people. Whether you believe you are beautiful or not, you must believe me when I say you all have beautiful souls! ... (57 replies)

... i don't know if i should say this, as many people will blow me off and say i'm overreacting...but then again it explains my immaturity...i'm only 15. ... (12 replies)
... how many times can she say "really" in one sentence? ... (77 replies)
... and cant stop thinking about eating. It drives me crazy. Like sitting here now is hard because I've just eaten and I want to throw up. These are thoughts that never leave. ... (36 replies)
... Hmm.. about the nutritionalist and doctor. Why exactly does your mom want you to go? ... (36 replies)
... Just do it!!!" You have said you don't want to be like this, and you want a baby, and God forgive me, but, people might think...then why can't she do this? ... (383 replies)
... Currently, I am in a long distance relationship with a woman who has an eating disorder. We have currently been going out for 11 months and I first realised that she had eating issues within the first or second month. ... (6 replies)
... hey girls, thanks so much for your kind words. i love when you guys reassure me that it really IS all gonna work out and i'm not some freak who will never be able to eat "normally" and exercise "normally" without losing weight. ... (25 replies)
... were like a sea of couldn't fall if you WANTED to. LOL When there are a lot of students, it's VERY difficult to give individualized attention, but believe me, there is a file devoted entirely to you. Sure, they'd have to review it before they talked to you, but even if your school only had a total of 300 students. ... (383 replies)
... Everything I do is just wrong wrong wrong. Even my parents say that! And now I'm doomed to believe it. It has finally sunk it. ... (383 replies)
... I have been in treatment for over six years now. I cannot believe how far I have come in this fight against ED. I have pretty much had all the EDs. ... (0 replies)
... is a ton of times so if you're getting a sense of deja vu halfway through this then its probably because you were one of the people reading this sorta thing from me before lol. ... (2 replies)
... Why, hello, Ms. Q!! So, have you heard back from her yet? I have a sneaking suspicion that your teacher just doesn't get it. Or, she does, but doesn;t know what to do for you. I noticed that in another post you told someone to see a school counselor for help. So, ah HEM... :) maybe this is YOUR next step?? Just don't give up. Keep telling someone...sooner or later you... (11 replies)
... You CAN, and I very much believe you WILL be a happy person. And no, I don't think your life is ticking away. ... (2 replies)
... Let me just start by saying how lucky your girlfriend is to have someone like you to care for her and to look out for her... it's sad she had to put up with those terrible relationships first... ... (4 replies)
... didn't you say she was in your recovery group? ... (2 replies)
... Hey Chris. Call me Megan. I know what you mean when you said you don't go out and you shut yourself out from the rest of the world. I used to go out all the time. ... (11 replies)
... azy old lady who doesn't know what she's talking about, I'm still going to tell you that you're worth it, that getting well is worth it, that whatever you say to me isn't going to make me change my mind about you. ... (13 replies)

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