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[QUOTE=KaitiePrincess]It totally SUX when you have to start the trial and error process - I'm there now. I feel for you. I just started Keppra. It REALLY sucks - but it's working. At least it WAS working - side for some weirdness last week - who even knows anymore.

I have to warn you. I've slept through EVERY SINGLE ONE OF MY CLASSES in the past week (college level). And then I come home and sleep, and I sleep in, and I practically sleep standing up at work. Grrrrr.....

I had a previous post (on the second page now - called "Keppra induced Something or other") 'cause for a while there I was really feeling funky - like not myself. A few days ago I got really really angry / upset / frustrated and tried to kill my phone (after a phone conversation I didn't like). It didn't break but I smashed it pretty hard...then I burst into sobbing tears and then I wrapped the phone in my blanket and felt sorry for it. Now tell me that isn't weird.

Hmmmm....tread carefully with this stuff.
I'm taking 1500mg / day Keppra.
600mg / day Tegretol.
400mg / day Topomax.

Things got weird after Keppra. I'm working up to 2000mg...slowly very slowly - 250 mg increments every 4 - 5 days.

Take care.

Thanks Katie. I did see your other post and I had responded that it sounded like you where suffering from depression. I'm glad you are feeling better.
:) Well except for the sleepy part. Patrick gets sleepy at first. The last couple of days (since starting the Keppra) he has been getting super hyper at school in the afternoon. This is about 5-6 hours after his last dose of both dep and kepp. Maybe a rebound thing? He gets his second dose of depakote after school and then more depakote at night along with another Keppra. He's taking 1250 mg of depakote and 500 mg of Keppra. The neuro started him off on 250 mg of Keppra. We'll see how it goes. I'm more concerned with his bloodwork/liver function at this point. We go for a morning draw tomorrow.

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