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If stress seems to bring more episodes on as you know; try to use that information to reduce the stress in the house.

Stress is a known seizure "trigger" (cause of seizures). Other triggers depending on the case can be flashing lights, caffine, smells (perfume, incense), foods for a short list. It depends on the person.

Since you know stress seems to be the current factor in this case, do the best you can to make is a less stressfull environment.

How bad are the "episodes" is another thing to consider. What do the medics or hospitals do to help (other than bill more?).

If the seizures were short in *my case* (I have Grand Mal's), and I didn't have multiple, elongated, or injuries, I would not go in to to the medical facilities. That may be something to discuss with your friend. If she wishes to be send to the hospital after a seizure or not. You don't always have to go after a seizure unless you wish to or feel you need to (for adults).

If you have witnessed her seizures you may know how long it takes for her to "recover" or get back to normal after the seizure. If the recovery is 5 minutes or so and no problems during that time; personally I wouldn't call the hospital unless they asked me to. Mind you the seizure itself is usually very short, and what seems long to us on the outside is the "post-ical" or after seizure effects.

So you see why I suggest talking with her about this issue. The hospital usually overdoses us (epileptics) with medications after major seizures. They can only watch us otherwise. My giving major amounts of medication they are sure we will not have another episode shortly.

Hope this helps you on the issue. Best of luck.


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