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This is a very general & open ended question but I will ask it anyway .. you never know .

I have both Epilepsy ( grand mal ) & Ataxia of the Cerubellum .

The problem in my case is every time I try to take a medication (at a therapeutic or a level that will control my seizures) my cerebellum is not able to handle the required dose , causing me to feel extra naseaus & dizzy .

I would like to know .. if there is ANY treatment/medication out there that has less invasive , besides traditional medication like Dilantin , Lamictal ?

I am on a low dose of Lamictal (200 mgs per day) which is making me feel very naseaus &
Dizzy . My Neurologist is talking about putting me on Keppra , but after all of the bad side effects I have had on the 12-15 medications I have been on in my life I am hesitant . :confused:

If somebody either has had success with an alternative treatment or knows of an alternative
Method of treating Epilepsy please tell me .

Thanks Bahamas :wave:

P.S. ( I have approx 2-4 seizures per month )

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