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I've been on Zoloft for over a year because I get stress-induced temporal lobe seizures. Since starting the Zoloft, I was seizure free for over a year but now I was home from work today because I had seizures all day long. However, I am very stressed because my mother died last month and I'm just starting to grieve now, so I'm not surprised that I had seizures today. I used to take Ativan and Lorazepam years ago for stress but I've "graduated" to the Zoloft because I started getting the seizures when I'd get super-stressed (the seizures started in 2003). It's important to remember that anti-anxiety and anti-depression drugs like the ones we're on don't take our anxiety, stress, and depression away totally, they just "take the edge" off of our conditions to make it easier to deal with life. They're not "happy pills" or "miracle cures." I'm going to see my neurologist on Wednesday to see if she wants me to "graduate" to anti-seizure meds. :wave:

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