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I used to be on Topamax and that was the first drug to have ever worked and kept me seizure free for a year! The problem with topamax was that my quality of life started to decline and I couldn't focus in school or retain new information as well. I had no choice but to take myself off. Another concern about topamax was that it is fairly new and I didn't know of any previous research regarding successful pregnancy while taking that drug so I had a few good reasons to be taken off. I am happy it is working for you and please keep me informed on your pregnancy. :)

Kim, you did what I ultamately would do if I couldn't find any drugs that has been tested on during pregnancy and worked for controlling seizures. I can't just stop completely, I would need to get tappered off though.
I have heard the same thing that you have about how seizures stop after pregnancy, I have been told by 5 people that they have become seizure free! So, I look forward to that day but will not put myself in that situation until of course, I am ready to have a child. Please keep me updated with your success and I wish you the best of luck with your pregnancy...

Thank you both for replying to my board.

AngelDust :angel:
Tegretol was the first drug that I tried to go to before Topamax prior to my (and I stress here "planned") pregnancy. Unfortunately, I was horribly allergic to it. Topamax is still considered "Pregnancy Class C" by the FDA, so what people say is correct. Women like me (and I hope others who take AEDs during pregnancy would do so as well) are registered with the AED pregnancy registry so that in the future drugs like Topamax would not remain "Class C"(meaning there is not enough research). The Neurologists I see are at the University of Pennsylvania and they have seen other women through successful pregnancies with healthy babies on Topamax. The OBGYN that I go two has had two other women on Topamax with successful pregnancies and healthy babies. My decision to get pregnant while taking this medication was definately an educational process and not an accident. My recommendation would be to make sure you do the research that makes you feel comfortable with your decision before deciding to become pregnant. When I had my first daughter, I was medication free after taking Depakote for about 10 years. I had no seizures for the duration of the pregnancy. On the day we brought her home from the hospital, I had a 10 minute grand mal seizure within hours of my discharge from the hospital and I was put back on Depakote immediately. It also happened while I was breastfeeding the baby and the baby dropped (luckily to the couch). It was very traumatic for all.


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