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I just read a response on a previous post and saw that (karen I think) said that keppra can cause depression. Im now on keppra (cant tolerate topamax) and ive been real depressed. I thought it was due to all the limitations from the head injury that is causing my seizures, but ive always been a strong person and im having a hard time with the depression. So is it really possible that my depression is possibly caused by Keppra? I also have been diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder. Im so confused as to the meds and diagnosis because im not one to take meds often and have overcome much in my life without prolonged or severe depression like this. Any advice is welcome...thanks


Thanks for your reply Kitty,
My neuro switched me from topamax to keppra because the depression was then too. He "thinks" the depression is not from meds because since he switched my meds already and I still have the severe depression. So now I have to see a neuro psychologist (seen him twice now) and a new psychologist this wednesday. Im wondering if most anti seizure meds can cause depression now. Im just so confused. As I said, I normally "kick my own butt" and move on after a short bout of the blues. Its not working now. I guess they will be adding an anti depressant and they want me to do some testing to see what motor and mental controls i have lost due to the accident. I do not like taking meds but I do believe that some antidepressants work...ive seen a major change in my mom who (this is coincidentally wierd) had a head injury as well. I just hope something helps soon...more for the sake of my 4 little kids (2..3..5..and now 7). The older three saw the "accident" happen and I believe may be a touch depressed too. Ever since then my daughter (7) has been acting up more than usual and doesnt want to go to school. She won like 7 awards in kindergarten and an award also last year
but i was involved with her in school as much as i could and now I cant do anything. I focus on the down things because they seeem to over run the good. I kinda smiled when you said your husband said you were "evil". My husband pretty much said the same about me at my neuro's office. Says i have major mood swings and all. I try to stop them but there are days where i fight so hard with my own emotions and i lose. Its like i continuously have arguments with myself and my thoughts race. I expect to have bad days becuase we are human but this is getting crazy. Thanks for your kind words and I will keep posted. I'm hoping the antidepressants work...I will ask my neuro about the keppra but i think he wants me to stay on it because they are pretty much controlling the seizures. He is more concerned with me seeing the neuro psych and getting the testing done. No offense to the medical people but im about sick of seems neverending and every time i go they find new "wrong" things going on. Im at the point where i dont want to know any new diagnosis. Im having to hard of a time adjusting to the ones that i know of. Once again thank you for caring.



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