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Stress is a known seizure trigger. That's true.
It's not a bad idea to focus on outside things and not think about seizures all the time- that's just a waste of time to focus on having seizures to the exclusion of other activities- yet at the same time, there are things people with seizures have to do and remember (meds, sleep, eating consistently) to avoid seizures.
One thing that helped me was getting away from other people if I felt auras, since being around others during seizures made things more stressful- if I could get away from others (preferably in a different room where nobody would bother me, yet where someone knew where I was), I could help myself calm down by knowing I wasn't where I'd be seen- it might help shorten the severity or duration of some seizures. But I couldn't depend on it to the exclusion of getting on the floor, and other things to guarantee my safety
[QUOTE=limeridge11;3203617]Hi there I use to get seizures all the time to many sometimes. I use to get tot the point where I could not do this and that. Keeping things on your mind like reading thinking that did thoose bills get pain etc. They keep the seizures away because your mind is thinking about other things. Reading a lot they say always helps I read before going to bed and eversince my seizures are gone at night. Try it because it does help let me know what you people think about this. I know others have it where worry to much brings them on I use to get that from going to work all the time. Thinking did this get done did that get done work yes does bring seizures on to many people.Let me know .Limeridge[/QUOTE]

hello limeridge 11 its bevin I have to say that working at a library full time keeps me so busy so that all i want to do is sleep and can stress me out that i have to stop and take several deep breaths to avoid stress triggering a seizure attack on me. I now try to with slow and relaxing breaths meditate so that my stress is relieved.taking my medicine at night really helps prevent me getting a seizure at night. Getting more than 8 hours sleep helps prevent a seizure attack for me. A combination of worry and stress can bring on a seizure for others. bevin :angel:

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