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Hi Vickie,

I agree with neuro about the stress and especially you right
now with being told that they are not seizures,when they sure
sound like them,I hope you find a doctor that will do something
for you.Yes,I have had a few EEG tests that have been normal
over the years and it has not made my doctor take me off my
meds.And none of my MRI scans have ever showed anything,but,
one of my neuros. told me that sometimes the damage can be
so deep in your brain that it will not show up on the MRI.Keep
looking,you'll find a neuro. that will listen to you and hopefully
do something for you.As far as you being so wiped out after
haivng a seizure,I am the same way,I just had one yesterday
around 2 o'clock and I was not myself and able to call my mom
to tell her that I one until 5:30,I sometimes wonder if I have
others during that time or if just one seizure can take that long
to be myself again,that is one thing that is hard when you live
alone like I do.
Also antidepressants never seemed to help me when I was
depressed,it was the benzo.(lorazepam)which is also used
to help control seizures that really helped me,to where my
doctor could take me off the antidepressants.
Take care and Good-luck,Sherri
hi sherri and neuro .i did find a new neuro i go jan 8th and im on xanax i told my internal dr if he would switch me to klonipins but he says no maybe the xanax are better i do not know my last neuro who i liked left and so i went to that other one well im going back to the same neuro only a different dr but they have all my results there my records and everything and back in march 07 when i had my MRI it said normal but the dr did say he thought i was having seizures even though they cant pick them up and im getting worse i stopped the darvacets to see if my head would stop hurting well it didnt so i had to go back on them thats the only thing that helps with my head and it hurts horrible i woke up from sleep from my head hurting i called a stress center today and told them my symtons and they said it sounds more like seizures then a panic because for one i know what my panics feel like and this is nothing like how i felt with panic and after the attack at my moms i slept allday and 2 days later i had another one and also slept i told the lady at the neuro about it and she said it sounds like seizures and she said things can change plus she told me they also go by the symtons if they cant pick up any abnormal scans .so im hoping and praying this dr finds something and of course my sister did write what she saw she said i was out for 1/2 hr to 45 mins to a hr and i didnt respond to any of them and i just laid there they went to pick me up and said i felt like dead weight my eyes were rolling in the back of my head and she said alls she saw was the whites of my eyes nothing else and to this day i dont remember nothing except just before i fell i remember standing there i was ok i was talking to my sister and then all of a sudden i got so confused i didnt know where i was and my mind went blank and then i fell and when i woke up she said i was slow coming around and said my mouth was moving but i couldnt talk and said my mouth lookeed like it was pralized and then when i did let out words they were so slurred they couldnt understand a word i said i was trying to say something and i pointed and i dont even remember doing that i couldnt hear nor see anything at all then i slept on the way home and when i got home i slept ,i know its seizures im having and the stress center i called said stick to what i feel and keep looking till i find a dr to listen to me he said it sure sounded like seizures by what i told him and yes this seizure stuff of not knowing does have me depressed i was on tons of anti d's none worked the xanax does it calms me down ,they are coming closer together now and more often and i get scared .see after i had my 1st panic attack i never left my house for about a yr or maybe 6 mos then i done ok then in sept 06 i fell for the first time the dr i was seeing said it was panic well drs can be wrong i know what panic feels like and what im having is no panic we know our own bodies and why do i have the horrible headaches and i mean horrible enough to where i cry from them unless i take the darvacets the pills the neuro drs give never help they wear off too soon plus my head still hurts while taking them so im going back to the other dr i had before only his partner they are specialist and i can have the tests done right here in my town and if its still abnormal they go by my symtons alot of times is what the lady said if they cant find any abnormal scans i never had a catscan on my head just the MRI the VEEG and a reg EEG and when i saw the dr before he wanted me to go to a hospital in indy for a test but i was walking and driving and feeling myself again so i thought it was some meds i was on but im still on the same meds and im still passingout .what other things can they do to determe if it is seizures do they go by the symtons and maybe put me on some seizure meds to see if that stops it ?? iam so stressed over this i feel like i have no life and im so scared of being alone and have a seizure and cant get help but i told myself this if i feel as though im going to have one if i get a warning im calling 911 and if i cant in time i will call after would that help see the 2 days after i had the other one my husband was in bed hes on 3rd and i couldnt even call him for help i laid on the couch with another seizure im sure thats what it is then i went to sleep and today i think i had another one cause i woke up feeling very strange and got up and didnt know why i felt so drained i do nothing i go no where except to the drs alls i do is sit around and worry and i pray a dr out there will help me with whatever is going on.
i will keep you posted .sherri and neuro how many trys did they do before they figured out you had e /seizures?? im curious cause as a child i had seizures so im allmost 100% posstive this is seizures.
thanks and i may come and vent when im feeling down what other symtons do you 2 have besides falling ???
i may go to a stress center as soon as christmas is over because i cant bring myself out of all the stress this seizure and not knowing is doing to me let me tell you what i use to do before 2006 i worked everyday fulltime .i drove anyplace i wanted even 2 hrs away to see my dad when he was in the hospital dieing i wore makeup dressed pretty made myself look nice ,went to all my kids school things and my daughters volleyball and my other daughters softball games ,i went to the store i even went to the tanning bed everyday .all that changed in 2006 i had that horrible surgery but i went to jail 3 times over nothing it took the courts a yr before they finally dismissed all charges on me because they found out i didnt do it my dad died in 2002 i dealt with my ex who put me in jail for 6 yrs then i also live with a alcaholic who makes me stressed because he says i dwell on this well maybe i do to some degree i been with him 13 yrs and he stresses me out alot he WONT let me drive even though he dont know if id have a attack or not i never leave the house i never clean or take a shower like i use too i sit and ask myself why me i just want my life back where i can do the things i use too i have heard that you can also have seizures due from too much stress if this is so im hoping to go to the stress center in jan .im still going to the neuro dr on jan 8th .so you know it very well could be stress related and believe me i been through alot more then i should have and my own husband put me in jail for 5 days because i came home from jail and he was drunk like allways and started in on me he pushed me so i took a broom and hit him he pressed charges he promised when he got me out hed never drink again well that didnt happen he drinks more now then ever before ,i think maybe this is all stress related what do you all think could it be stress can you have seizures from stress or am i just jumping at straws to figure all this out .and from june 06 till sept 06 i done great then in sept 06 is when i started falling and my husband allways acted mad if i had to go to the drs because i drove up till april 07 then i had to depend on him we cant go out to eat we did once and i fainted in the restrant so i just stayed home i go nowhere ,now my house isnt no pigpin i do clean but just not like i use too and im not dirty but i dont take my shower everyday and wear makeup like i use i miss the person i use to be so maybe a stress center can help me what do you all think could this be stress im dealing with???
love ya all:angel:

Stress cannot cause epilepsy,but,if you have epilepsy stress can
cause you to have more seizures than normal.I have had seizures
all my life,and now that I am going into menopaue I having more,
I now have every 2 weeks instead of every month,for some(like me)
medicine will help control them,but,not make them go away,you will
still have some seizures as I do every month,but,I DO NOT let that
stop me from living,I still dress up,put on make up,go out to dinner
with family etc. try and do some things like you use to,that may help
your depression.On days I am not having seizures I try and not even
think about them.Good-luck,Sherri

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