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Hi All...
Has anyone tried any type of alternative treatments for epilepsy? I'm really not fond of prescription meds (I've had some bad experiences), but am pretty sure I'm having simple partial seizures. My GP has never heard of the types of symptoms I'm having (deja vu, detached feeling, etc.) and I'm waiting for an appointment with a neurologist.
I'd appreciate any info or opinions.
I don't know Nevada's laws about natural and similar treatments. States have different laws on people with schooling and certification in those fields, and even laws about sale of natural substances used to treat symptoms.

First thing would be check your states laws at a natural health food store. One that sells dried herbs, extracts, and items of that nature. See if they can help you with a name of a person that has training and or certification if you wish to consult.

Some states you can't buy some (or any) of the herbs, tinctures, or dilutions without a prescription. In others it is Over The Counter. That is why you need to know how your states law is.

I'd say in general when trying to treat seizures BE CAREFUL. Alt treatments can be great for other problems, I use it myself for many issues. However for seizures I stick with medications. Until State or Federal allow some (to be imported) to be used that are known to have a better success rate, I'll stay where I am.

Thanks very much for the info, Travis!
I'll add that being you have yet to see a Neurologist, it may be premature to jump to homeopathic or herbal methods. You need to know more about your problems before trying to treat an "unknown" problem. Not knowing what it is or where the problem originates prevents you from treating it using alt. methods as well. You need to know the root of the problem (where/what) to treat it in either method.

Give modern medicine a chance. Let them run tests and scans and see what they say. I've been on medicine since 1981. I wish I could get off it, but overall MOST of the time it has controlled it very well. A few years I had chaos, but other then those years I was very well maintained.

You need to take either modern medication or natural on a regular (daily) basis to control symptoms of ailments (in general). There is [b] no [/b] "quick fix" if that is what you are looking for.

Thanks very much again, Travis.
I realize that there is no 'quick fix' and that's not my goal in asking if anyone has information regarding alternative treatments. My goal is to gather as much information as I can about my options so that I can make an informed decision after seeing the neurologist. In my own personal experience, modern medicine hasn't proven to be the best choice in all situations.
I do appreciate your thoughts and welcome any info or opinions you're willing share with me.
I agree with the post that there is no quick fix. I find myself at times becoming frustrated, my partial seizures are still not fully controlled after almost a year. As the neuro experiments with various AED's, and combinations of AED's, its easy to feel like a lab rat. I start to think that if the medical profession can only attempt to treat eplipesy thru trial and error experiment, maybe we are better off first seeking alternative treatment.
But the fact is that at least the AED's have been tested in some measure; the ingredients, potential effects and interactions of many of the herbal supplements are unknown. In my case, logic tells me I need to give traditional medical therapy more time before going the alternative route. If and when I do seek that sort of treatment, I will look for someone who has credentials and a track record that can first be checked out. Good luck.

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