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My husband and I are also thinking about having a baby, which I brought up with my neuro at my last visit. I have been well controlled on Tegretol for over a decade, but it makes me very tired, and, when coupled with a newly diagnosed chronic condition, would make parenting very difficult. He recommended switching me over to Keppra, which might make me less fatigued and which has the added effect of (they think) preserving bone health in the long term.

Since this time, I bought two new books, both of which I have found helpful. The first is "Epilepsy: A Patient & Family Guide" by Dr. Orrin Devinsky and the second is "Epilepsy and Pregnancy" by Stacey Chillemi & Dr. Blanca Vazquez. I have only just started on the second, published in 2006, but have thoroughly devoured the former, published in 2008, and have found it very helpful. There is a significant amount of info in there about pregnancy, seizures, antiepileptic drugs, & risks of transmission. The long and short of it, from what I've read, is that no one's really sure about Keppra and babies. The book does provide a general presentation of the potential side effects for antiepileptic drugs, which was helpful but worrisome. He does make a point of saying that more than 90% of women with epilepsy have healthy babies.

The long-term side effects of Keppra are not, according to this book, yet known. As for babies, however, the author does indicate that "available data suggest that [keppra] monotherapy may be safe [for the fetus], but more data is needed." Sorry that I can't be more helpful. Please keep us posted. It is a road that I too may be walking soon enough and I would appreciate any insight you might be able to offer as you go through this. Good luck and congratulations!

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