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I have recently been put on Keppra, I am in the process of weening off of Topamax and have exprerienced what you are describing. I was already experiencing depression when just on the topamax but when the Keppra was added I became a mess. It was instant. Within a few days to a week I was mad all the time and depressed. I have talked to my neurologist about the issue, she told me that it is a side affect of the Keppra but as an added bonus 40% of people who have Epilepsy experience depression symptoms. But I do feel like the Keppra is taking over.
I was placed on Keppra in 2007 after about a decade of Dilantin. I never had the level of control over my seizures that Dilantin provided me, but my doc insisted it was a better many doctors seem to come from the perspective of "the newer the better."
In 2008 I had a VNS (vagal nerve stimulator) placed to hopefully make up where the Keppra left off. I still had many breakthrough seizures. After my last series of seizures, in which I was taken to the ER and had to recieve Ativan to make them stop, my doc increased the Keppra to the maximum dose. Within two weeks I was experiencing extreme anxiety, rage.. then depression (including crying spells).
After I alienated my family and nearly lost my job, I demanded my doctor place me back on Dilantin. As I have been going through the process of eliminating the Keppra from my system I have been able to see what it has done to my personality through the 18 months I took it. My 10 year old daughter actually said to me, "It's nice to have you back, mom."
I just wanted to say that the entries on the message boards were of the utmost help in causing me to realize that I was suffering from this medication. Thanks to all from the bottom of my heart!:

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