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Abdominal seizures
Oct 23, 2008
... yes, a brain injury can cause seizures that might have abdominal effects and would be called abdominal seizures. Prior to your abdominal effects, you might have the same type of auras that precede "regular" seizures. ... (3 replies)
Abdominal seizures
Oct 21, 2008
... ties in the left temporal lobe and they said it was sudoseizures now a year later after they became alot worse they send me to an epileptic clinic and they think abdominal seizures how can I get the right diagnosis? ... (3 replies)
Abdominal seizures
Oct 22, 2008
... I have been dealing with these problems for so long and it just seems like I am never going to get the right diagnosis! I have never heard of abdominal seizures before this can they come from a head injury? ... (3 replies)

... I've seen a few posts about abdominal epilepsy, so I thought I'd share my experience with it. Unfortunately, mine was undiagnosed for over thirty years. ... (1 replies)
... If your stomach hurts all the time, I'd suggest seeing a gastroenterologist and a neurologist....there are abdominal seizures, but they shouldn't cause continuous abdominal pain. ... (14 replies)
... I have a violent case of abdominal epilepsy. I vomit for 7 days straight, unable to ingest even water or food. I lose 20 to 45 pounds each time. ... (22 replies)
Abdominal epilepsy
Jul 19, 2006
... Does anyone know enough about abdominal epilepsy to know if it would present itself during adult life? ... (6 replies)
... Seizures can be visual things as you described. Not all seizures involve muscle movement or other "typical" seizures, that most people think of as seizures. ... (9 replies)
Abdominal pain
Jan 23, 2009
... My problem doesn't sound nearly as serious as yours, but my seizures are abdominal and in the pelvic area. Muscle tightening to an extent that is painful. It is under control through Carbatrol. ... (8 replies)
... Well I've been passing out from the abdominal cramping since 6th grade. ... (8 replies)
... My daughter is 15 and was diagnosed last April with Epilepsy. She also started to have severe abdominal pains that last for several days. We didn't know what was causing them, the doctors thought that she probably had ovarian cysts. ... (3 replies)
... hours. I have been told that just because the EEG is indefinite, the symptoms can be treated as seizures, and many neuros will then classify which lobe the seizures are most likely to be occurring in, based on those symptoms. Your symptoms come most frequently from temporal lobe problems. ... (5 replies)
... awareness, losing bladder control, etc...... there are as many types of seizures as there are specific areas in the brain that are irritated in some way. ... (2 replies)
... He may be able to tell from your EEG if your seizures could also be causing this. He might be able to tell from the spike waves on your EEG. My son has abdominal seizures, but his are short lasting. epilepsy ontario . org talks about different types of seizures. Hope you find help quickly.... ... (3 replies)
Abdominal pain
Feb 4, 2009
... research research research, you really are your best doc. Did you search online for abdominal epilepsy or the abdominal brain. It's quite interesting. ... (8 replies)
... ing sweat and I get a drink of gatorade and my symptoms subside. Weird I know but I talked to my Dr. from St. Louis who said it is rare but very possible I have abdominal epilepsy since everytime I pass out it always begins with cramping. ... (8 replies)
... Anyone suffer from abdominal epilepsy? ... (8 replies)
... Looking for some guidance. For the last 10 months or so, I have been plagued by a number of different symptoms. The symptoms seem to be pretty constant. I've had a number of exams including an MRI of my brain and neck w & w/o contrast, EKG, an abdominal CT scan and a chest X-Ray. Additionally I've had a number of blood tests. All were negative. In the end, they decided it... (1 replies)
Abdominal pain
Mar 20, 2009
... epilepsy. The neurologist we took him to said the only way to be sure is to take him off the medication and get an eeg during a seizure. Not a great idea, his seizures are terrible for him and he doesn't remember much afterward and sleeps like he's in a coma for a whole day afterwards. ... (8 replies)
... anders15, i have been told they cant find any seizures but iam like you i get the horrible stomach pain just before i faint and i too have the bad diarea all the time its just gotten worse see just before i fall my stomach starts hurting really bad and i too have panic attacks too so im wondering about this cause every single time before i fall i get the stomach pain plus... (8 replies)

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