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Bitten tongue
May 18, 2003
... I was wondering if anyone can help me figure out what to do about my bitten tongue. I had a seizure the day before Mother's day in the middle of the night in the middle of the street. ... (5 replies)
Bitten tongue
Aug 1, 2005
... Like Mother's Day in May??? If it's still bothering you that much, your doc needs to see it....same with having thrush-- another very common cause of thrush is being ON antibiotics, so they generally give an anti-fungal/anti-candida could try some baby teething gel- just for the discomfort part- won't do a thing if you DO have thrush, but if it's been a... (5 replies)
Bitten tongue
Aug 1, 2005
... Oh brother, I had once before had THRUSH and that is exactly what is wrong again. Please note this about thrush. Oral thrush is a yeast infection of the mucous membranes of the mouth and tongue. The Causes, incidence, and risk factors thrush is caused by are a fungus called Candida albicans. This organism lives in your mouth and is usually kept in check by healthy... (5 replies)

... Does anyone know about a home remedy or medication for a bitten tongue? ... (2 replies)
Bitten tongue
Aug 1, 2005
... Sob. I'm up at 5:40am worrying about my biten tongue. I bit it twice in the past five days very badly now it's so swollen I can't even eat. I have to slim fast to get anything down. lips is not deveoping blisters all over it...and scabs where th bites are. It's been a horrile nightmare because I can breath okay, but I cant SWALLOW because gets in the way. I can't... (5 replies)
... It is possible. If you had a seizure in your sleep, you probably wouldn't know it except for a bit up tongue and unexplainable bruises or sore muscles. Had you bitten your tongue after you woke up? ... (5 replies)
Tongue Biting
Dec 29, 2008
... Just wondering has anyone ever bit there tongue severely having any other seizure than a grand mal? I live alone and woke up the other morning with my tongue severely bitten,I usually don't have a GM,just sometimes.All the other times I had a GM,my tongue would heal itself within 24 hours,this time it has been 9 days since and still a little sore.Anyone else ever... (4 replies)
... Hi There, I'm so sorry to hear this has happened to your daughter. Based on my own experiences with my seizures, it (the seizure in the car) does sound like a tonic clonic seizure. My very first seizure was similar in that I was making a sound (my husband tells me he thought that I was laughing but then says it sounded more like a snorting sound). He also tells me I was... (4 replies)
... fractures, bitten tongue, lacerations and bruises, bitten lips, wet pants, muscle tears, one time I had a perigastric hernia, and so on. Oh, yeah, and I don't know who I am,what's goling on, and and so on. ... (24 replies)
... when i was 22 years old i went a streak of waking up with a swollen, bitten tongue and a faint mark of blood and saliva on my pillowcase. except for the tongue bite i felt fine. it was not until two years later that someone actually was there during the night to witness the seizure. ... (3 replies)
Night seizures?
May 20, 2007
... For several years my seizures occurred mostly in my sleep. I usually woke up sore, bitten tongue, etc. I cracked my 4 upper front teeth one night. I still have a scarred tongue from that one. ... (23 replies)
... clonic seizure occurred or incontinence or a bitten tongue or lip. It may not be possible to tell for sure, but it sounds very suspicious, and I would call his neuro in AM and report this. ... (3 replies)
... Hi, the best thing that i have found for bitten tongue or lips are called "lemon and glycerine swabs" on this side of the pond, hope that its of some help ste (3 replies)
... muscles sore, bitten tongue etc. ... (6 replies)
Many questions...
May 14, 2007
... For some time I suspected I was also having seizures at night, I'd wake up bruised, bitten tongue and aching all over, exhausted and headachey. ... (3 replies)
... Hows it goin Poochie - yes your losin it darl - me too :) - I've had several Grand mal seizures over the years - i think maybe even when i was a child i would wake up with a bitten tongue and a wet bed, but would hide it cauz i didn't want mum 2 know - anyway fast forward thirty years and the seizures have really kicked in - your not alone darl my memory is shot to hell - but... (7 replies)
... Hi Russ, Sorry your seizures came back. My 10 year old son was diagnosed back in Sept. with a Generalized seizure disorder. Mainly Peti Mal (abscence) but he has had at least two Grand Mals after he was put on depakote. His neuro said to call 911 if they last longer than 5 minutes. I know the depakote is pricey. We have a PPO with a 500 deductible for meds per person. ... (1 replies)
... Brief aura, loss of conciousness, waking up not knowing where I am, bitten tongue, massive headache, body feels like it got hit by a truck etc. ... (1 replies)
... Loss of time/memory, Drool on my clothes/desktop, those are my EASY indicators. Bitten tongue, and cutting my face shaving- those are HARD lessons learned :D ! KB1LON... Is that, perchance, an amateur radio callsign??? Me, too!! QRP/CW op! (4 replies)
... All the episodes I've had were more of a total disconnect where I have no idea it is happening. The post ictal results such as bitten tongue, missing time, sore muscles, etc. are what tells me I had a seizure. I've had plenty of strange feelings that weren't seizures. ... (4 replies)

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