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... To make my point, I would suggest researching Depakote and Dilantin. Depakote, even in small amounts, can cause permanent liver damage in some individuals. ... (11 replies)
... acted negativly and it was printed that they not be used at the same time. He did not like a patient telling him the technical information. ... (8 replies)
... I had my first grand mal seizure on October 9th of 2000. I had just quit taking Paxil after 4 months and had the seizure three days later. I went to the neurologist and I didn't want to take the Tegretol he prescribed. ... (3 replies)

... Has anybody with JME made a transition from Depakote to another medication successfully and managed to lose weight? ... (2 replies)
... Sat morning, no dilantin at all, so the depakote is definitely more effective than the trileptal. ... (5 replies)
... i have never been on dilantin before but i do have tonic clonic szs. i have tried tegretol, lamictal, zonegran, and am now on depakote and topamax. i have had a lot of success on the depakote, no szs in 2 yrs. there are some side effects but not too bad. ... (3 replies)
... Thanks for your response. When we first started seeing the neuro, my son was on depakote and the neuro added lamictal. That didn't work so he went to lamictal and topamax. That combo didn't work so he went to lamictal and zonogran. ... (34 replies)
... is starting a study, with fellow Epi's, regarding the affect of AEDs on the bones. I guess there has only been one study done so far that involved 24 subjects, and they want a larger group and from different areas of the country. There are certain AEDs that they are more concerned about and Dilantin is one of them. ... (5 replies)
... I was on poly with Lamictal Teg and Dilantin. They had replaced Depa which I had been on before attempting Lamictal. ... (5 replies)
... Besides weight gain, depakote can have adverse cognitive side effects. Children who take it can have an actual decrease in IQ. Adults too from what I read. ... (7 replies)
... hi.. I just landed here and saw your post, so my first post is a reply to you. ... (5 replies)
... I forgot to mention the fact that I too was on Depakote in addition to Dilantin. I hated the Depakote and after many years on the drug I DEMANDED to have the drug removed from my regimine. ... (9 replies)
... is the way to reenergize and feel better, though I have never been able to do it... ... (4 replies)
... Like many here, I too had rashes from dilantin and tegretol. I am now on depakote and am eating like a pig! ... (2 replies)
... ith children on Topa so I won't jump in on it for children. It takes a balancing act for me as an adult to use it. It works, but I have to force myself to eat, and the energy level is nothing compared to before Topa. So for kids I just don't know what it will do. ... (3 replies)
... wine coolers a month. Drinking will weaken the effect of the Dilantin so I would take it easy. ... (7 replies)
... My experience with Trileptal wasn't great. I tried it after getting off Dilantin because of the gum problems it caused. It made me fall asleep at odd times, but far worse was the 'toxic epidermal necrosis', a rare side effect. ... (11 replies)
... years and did ok. He had tried Dilantin, Tegretol, Depakote and Dilantin SR before this one. ... (8 replies)
... Just saying that everybody reacts differently :) For me, Topamax, Keppra, Lyrica, Depakote, and Dilantin are 'forget it' meds- yet for others they make a world of difference....for me they were hell. Everybody can handle stuff differently. I was very nervous about Ultram because of the seizure risk- yet I've done ok. Respecfully encourage talking with doc about... (14 replies)
Need Advice..
Mar 27, 2007
... For excess sleep and groggy during the day, it was TegXR, Depakote, and Dilantin. ... (1 replies)

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