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... ing this very comprehensive liver center, approved for liver transplants which is a hard certification to get so I feel I'm going to a good place, has seen other Dilantin patients with liver disease. ... (17 replies)
Dilantin levels
Jan 3, 2008
... I thought I would post this another place to make sure folks saw it. Two points I would like to bring up as I had been on dilantin for 40 years and began to have symptoms identical to those observed for MS. ... (9 replies)
... Wondering if anyone has ever had a problem controlling their dilantin levels? ... (17 replies)

... I am so glad to read that others are having trouble regulating their Dilantin levels. This is the second time in a month that mine has bottomed out and I have begun having sz's again. I am on 600 mg. ... (17 replies)
... mg dilantin since I was 15 years old. ... (17 replies)
... I'm new to posting here. I have intractable epilepsy, generalized and TLEs. The only AED I can tolerate is Dilantin which has left me in a real fix. ... (17 replies)
... I too have had major problems with dilantin and keeping the levels steady. Especially when I was taking the generic phenytoin. Contrary to what people say, they are NOT equal, and many neuros will tell you the same thing. ... (17 replies)
... Generic phenytoin and Dilantin are NOT the same thing no matter what your medical insurance tries to sell you on. Your neuro needs to write "dispense as written" when he prescribes Dilantin. ... (17 replies)
... My HMO tried force switching me and seizures were starting left and right, blood levels were not where they had been. If you inspect the generic dilantin, the capsul has a SOLID PILL inside, not powder as the REAL Dilantin Kapseals do. ... (17 replies)
... day is a very high dose of Dilantin for anybody. ... (17 replies)
... wise...but my liver enzymes started going beserk, and I had to go off it, and back to good old Tegretol. I never took the generic Dilantin since I'd heard it was not a good way to take AEDs. ... (17 replies)
... day and on Friday night I went and had my levels drawn and now it's down to 8.8! ... (17 replies)
... THANKS EVERYONE FOR YOUR FEEDBACK! Actually, my level from Friday came back at 31.7 so I didn't take any all weekend (per the doctor). He called me Monday a.m. and cut me back to 400mg/day and increased my Lamictal to 150mg 2x/day. He said that dilantin is a rather unpredictable drug and would like to get me off of it if possible (that's why he's upping the Lamictal). He... (17 replies)
... Thank you for the post. I have NEVER heard of using Dilantin for short term use only. ... (17 replies)
... I'm terrified of taking Dilantin now. I think the damn drug is killing me. Can't live with it and can't live with it it seems. ... (17 replies)
... The "Kapseal" (brandname dilantin term) makes it time release. If it disloves in the stomach it may cause stomach irritation and almost immediate entry into the body (bloodstream). The idea is for it to disolve past the stomach and seep into the system that way and avoid irritation. Good luck on getting the brand name. The cost is *not* that much different between... (17 replies)
... I didn't take the time to read through this entire thread. I just read the title and wanted to say that many years ago when I was on Dilantin, my count skyrocketed to 40. I was at school and blacked out, but apparently walked across the street and didn't even know it, just barely missed getting hit by a speeding, honking van. Never saw it, never heard it. Had no idea I even... (17 replies)
... Since you are still on Dilantin and are still intractible seems like an Epileptologist would have suggested other options to you since they are the only ones who really can offer other options. ... (17 replies)
... Interesting that they've said that Dilantin should only be used short term. It's the drug that neuros start with and if you have success with it you're on it for years. ... (17 replies)
... one, I was put on Trileptal because my blood work showed elevated liver enzymes. ... (22 replies)

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