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... Hi Andy, and welcome! Sorry, I'm not familiar w/Epilem, but I sure have experience with some of the seizure triggers you mentioned. Sleep deprivation is my numero uno trigger. I have to sleep no less than 10 hours a night now. As a matter of fact, my epi. doc has prescribed a drug for me to assure that I sleep like a rock. Stress can cause increased seizure activity.... (2 replies)
... :jester: Hi to you all this is my first msg on this site. I have been I have had the misfortune of having these grand mal seizures for 8 years now an when it first happened I woke up in an ambulance still in my work clobber saying I have to go to work, this was the start of a brand new era in the way I looked at me and people looked at me especially employers even friends... (2 replies)
Teenage moodswings
Apr 28, 2006
... hassles at this age must be hard, so moodswings are bound to be expected. But you're right to be suspicious of the meds. I don't know much about Teg but being on Epilem was really difficult for me. ... (6 replies)

... Hi Rinoa I can't say I've had chronic fatigue, it was perhaps appoaching that whilst on Epilem - I only made it to about 60% of uni lectures on when Epilem as compared with a generally perfect attendance rate (and my house was 5 mins walk from the lecture halls), but don't think this classes as chronic as I did make some. I've always had concentration problems on... (8 replies)
... Of that month, the first three days I was taking all three, for the following ten days I was on Epilem and Keppra but weaning off Epilem. Since coming completely off the the others I have felt quite terrible. ... (6 replies)
... Hi, I Feel that at last i may have some answers to by problems. I amd 48yrs old,have always had problems with my female cycle - endometrious unable to have children etc. I was diagnosed as epileptic when i was about 29 due to having one seizure and put on epilem. I then had a full hystorectomy a couple of years later and put on HRT - Harmonin. I had a few good years. Then out... (206 replies)
... Hi all I'm brand new to this site, and to epilepsy and seizures and all those not too wonderful things...:confused: I recently suffered a very bad concussion (about 3 months ago) and after MRI and various other tests, my neurologist put me on epilem. I usually feel fine, but then I suddenly feel nauseous, experience a type of electric shock through the left side of my head,... (6 replies)
... Hey Elicia... I'm on Topamax 250mg per day, with Lamictal 400mg and I've just introduced Keppra, now at 500mg per day. I start to gradually take away the Topamax on Thursday because it wasn't stopping my fits. On a low dosage combined with Epilem and Lamictal, I was in love with Topamax - but I couldnt stay on Epilem, and a three drug combo wasn't what I was looking for. I... (2 replies)
What next??
Apr 21, 2004
... Hey Stafford… From what I’ve read you’re son’s story is similar to my own – I was diagnosed at age 17 and I have myoclonics, grand mals and absence seizures. It sounds as though he’s been diagnosed with juvenile myoclonic epilepsy? Although “juvenile” makes it sound as though it might go away it just refers to the age that the epilepsy set in I’m afraid (usually before age... (3 replies)
... D Hooray! The only time I've experienced insomnia is when I took Epilem with Lamictal. It stopped when I came off Epilem. The hyperactivity thing with Lamictal didn't affect me, but my metabolism shot up with Topamax. ... (24 replies)
... My doc prescribed me on Epilem when I was first diagnosed with E at age 18 months. Since then I have used that for most of the time. ... (0 replies)
... This probably wont help you much, but I take and have been taking 2000mg of epilem for 3 years and I suppose I'm lucky as I haven't had any hair loss whatso ever. Maybe see your Dr to have Epilem reduced and topped up with another drug. ... (5 replies)
... ins I think. When she came round she felt sick and had bit her tongue. The ct and EEG were clear but had another seizure 9 weeks later. She was put on tablets Epilem but due to hair loss changed to seizures for 2 yrs but mini seizure when weaned off last October. ... (4 replies)
... Hi all hope your all not so bad today I'm posting this thread as I'm curious to see what epilepsy sufferers think of sodium valporate? I've been on various doses for around 6 years and at the beginning I got headaches whilst it was getting into my system,and don't get me wrong my seizures are not as severe as they used to be however the headaches are becoming more of a... (1 replies)
... I had my first fit in November 2006, the fit was provoked by a brain tumour that was subsequently diagnosed in June 2007 after a MRI scan. The brain tumour was removed in July 2007. After the operation I unfortunately had another fit as a result of a cist that formed three days after the operation where the tumor had been. The cist was treated and I was put onto anti... (1 replies)
... In May 2008 I had a stroke caused by a brain clot and a brain leak type as well (i think that is right) I also had 3 fits whilst in the hospital as well and was put on epilem as precaution - was given my driving licence back in December as only problems left now are memory problems and needing some help to dress etc and extreme fatigue - then I had a fit about 1 month ago and... (2 replies)
Oct 12, 2008
... What is Epilem? (4 replies)
... WOW - 1000mg of Keppra straight away?!? I'd re-think that. It comes in 250mg and 500mg tablets too, I'm used to big doses of different meds and my meds changing a lot, and my neuro told me to go slow adding Keppra in - I was on 250mg daily for a week, then 250mg twice daily for a week etc, now on 1500mg twice daily. At first I had hyper episodes 'hyper half hours' - which were... (16 replies)
... Hi, My husband had a GM for the first time last night. He is 40. CT scan ruled out a tumor but found a little veinous abnormality which the doc believes is probably nothing. He is scheduled to have an MRI and EEG next week along with his first appt with a neuro. He now can't drive for at least 3 months and has been put on sodium valproate (Epilem)500mg twice a day. If... (3 replies)
... In the US we call Epilim (sp?) "Depakote" for the rest of the readers... --Travis I was on it with other meds... it sort of worked for me. Then again this was during the time they were trying to find what would control my seizures. That took YEARS to find a blend that worked. Usually it is taken 2x/day They DO have a newer version released (thinking) 3 or 4 years... (2 replies)

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