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... My suggestion is talk with your neurologist first. getting off any medication should only be done if they feel is ok. If your still having seizures, is likely they might want to change tegretol but put you on another one. ... (2 replies)
... I have complex partial seizures and I have been on medication for almost 30 years. I would like to try going off tegretol and I am looking for advice from others who have done this. ... (2 replies)
... When I was little i had convulsions and my doctors put me on Phemabarbatol. when I was five they took me off it. All through school I had these "weird" feelings that would pass quickly and no one would even know. ... (5 replies)

... Thank you for the advice. I will mention your medication to my neurologist when I go in to see her. I'm still wanting to get off of the meds so I'm hoping not to have to take any medication at all. We'll see how that goes. ... (2 replies)
... e the bed.I started hearing voices,like a conversation on the radio,and generally felt crappy.Anyway what I was going to say is I went to the neuro and was taken off Tegretol,very gradually,and started very gradually on Lamictal. ... (2 replies)
Going off meds
Aug 3, 2004
... I have been slowly coming off tegretol now for a month. Before I started coming off the medication, I had been on it for 14 years. I talked with my doctor and told him I wanted to get off the medication because of the side affects. ... (12 replies)
... I've been off Tegretol for about two and a half weeks now and so far I have had no seizures or auras. However, I have noticed that since going off the it I have been very emotional and a little anxious. At times, the smallest things will make me want to burst into tears. ... (4 replies)
... Some do very well on Zonegran, others think it is as mind numbing as Tegretol. Trileptal, which is in the Tegretol family, seems to be milder in the side effects for many folks. ... (5 replies)
... any different from the tegretol or worse? ... (5 replies)
... ebsites that weren't good at all so now I don't know if that would be a drug to try or not. Right now I'm taking the wait and see approach as I come down on the tegretol as that is really all I can do. ... (5 replies)
... I second the other post. The medical professionals were able to get me off in a couple of days... HOWEVER that was in a hospital setting. Trying that at home would be a trip to the ER. ... (2 replies)
... No anxiety or emotional difference for me. I have said the following in multiple posts in the past, but I described the symptoms after getting off Teg as "a cloud being lifted". I never realized how much teg bogged me down having been on it since the start. ... (4 replies)
Going off meds
Aug 2, 2004
... I have been seizure free for 5 years and after talking to my neuro I am going to start getting off the Tegretol XR. Just like Half Pint, I have always wanted to but have been afraid. ... (12 replies)
... I have just begun switching my main drug from Dilantin to Tegretol because I had a dangerously low platelet level. My eyes are crossed and I feel drunk. Does this get better? ... (4 replies)
... I had 3 petit mal seizures 14 years ago at the age of 21. I've been taking 200 mg of tegretol since the last seizure and I've been seizure for the past 13 years. ... (2 replies)
... WTG in getting off Teg. I wouldn't mind getting off it, but it seems to be one of the few I have never been able to be transferred off of over all the years with all the med trial and errors they did on me. ... (9 replies)
Getting off meds.
Feb 16, 2006
... Hi everyone. My adult daughter has been on Tegretol for approximately l6 or l7 years for Temperal Lobe Epilepsy. Or rather that is what the Neurologist thinks it may be. ... (3 replies)
Going off meds
Aug 21, 2004
... ng the Aminiocentesis since the risk of having a baby with Downs syndrome increases when your over 35 but I have not made a final decison regarding this. Are you off the Tegretol yet ? ... (12 replies)
... GO SLOW getting off Teg or TegXR. ... (11 replies)
... Lamictal and Keppra have had the least side effects for me. I never tried Zarontin. Do remember the statistics re AEDs. Once one med fails to stop your sz, there is less than a 15% chance of any AED stopping them. That's why looking at the other options is so important. Waiting until the sz have done their damage to your brain permanently is not a good idea. Phoebe (5 replies)

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