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... I had 2 petite mals in 1999 and also did not want the drugs and went seizure free until 2008 and I had seizures after 2 heart surgeries and a brain bleed, also corrected by surgery. I then began to have grand mals without meds. ... (8 replies)
... Oh dear, that is so close to my story--you are probably right--I was told by the DMV that the doctors are worried about losing their own licenses, so no matter how it is, the fact is you are totally alone with this info. Do not believe the T.v about telling you doctor about side effects--they get you started then this.... (8 replies)
... (8 replies)

... To the best of her knowledge, my girlfriend tells me that both times the seizures happened I was sleeping on that side. ... (8 replies)
... Hi there, not really new to seizures but very confused and hoping to get some insight? ... (8 replies)
... meaning 2 years or so, but LESS THAN 5 and SEE if you have any additional seizures over that time. ... (8 replies)
... I found that having an acute inner ear infection can cause seizures (I knew it could from my own MRI I had this summer but wanted some backup before posting:)), but I would still talk to a Dr. who is willing to hear you out and you should also keep an open mind. Good luck and I hope you get the answers you are hoping for. heyloe (8 replies)
... Anyway, SSI and SSD are different. Be sure you apply for all you qualify for. Seizures are a major qualifying diagnosis. ... (4 replies)
... In the simplest terms, a seizure is the misfiring of the electrical signals in the brain. Basicly a short circuit that can become a scrambled signal in an isolated area, quadrant, half, or over both halfs of the brain depending on the INDIVIDUAL case. ... (5 replies)
... You can also get hyponatremia from poor sodium intake (appetite bad due to meds), drinking too much water in a short period of time, many medications, too much exercise with the wrong types of fluid replacement, metabolic disorders, etc..... Epsom salts are magnesium sulfate. They cause diarrhea in large amounts, which can cause low potassium and magnesium, and increase... (10 replies)
Jun 7, 2006
... I live on my own, but am on disability, don't have friends here, and am very isolated. I'm going back to my previous state (1300 miles from here) where I was doing well, in about 3 months. This state doesn't have mandatory reporting or specific driving rules with seizures....and I'll keep my license when I go's good until 2008, and I never got the one for this... (6 replies)
... Hi :) You should ask if you can have an EEG and a MRI scan May of this year i had been out over the weekend first night didnt get in until 3.00am second night was probably about 2am...that sunday i had a seizure...i was very confused and didnt know who i was etc and didnt know what the day or year was etc etc i was taken to hospital and that nite had another... (8 replies)
... Another thing I just thought to mention - I do not take any other prescription drugs other than Dilantin, and wasn't on any at the time of either seizure, and I am not a recreational drug user. (8 replies)
... acement, and almost complete filling of my right lung with blood clots from a clotting disorder...I understand feeling like a train wreck. And I understand being isolated because of medical problems and not knowing when something is going to act up. I want to move back to TX so bad, but haven't been able to because of my health. ... (2 replies)
... I can't take any herbal or energy pills without having problems. Most meds come from some sort of plant source, that is broken down and the key ingredient isolated from it. ... (8 replies)
... I am starting to accept that this may not be so easy or isolated incidents that will amount to nothing. ... (10 replies)
Mar 12, 2003
... it react with you I have a minor case of epilepsy and i am on topamax, but it really hasn't helped me lose any weight like it is said to do... I have only had 2 isolated seizures in my entire life... Anyone that could help would be much appreciated... ... (4 replies)
... kidney infections from the catheter in ICU....all leading to more than usual worn out. ALso think I'm having night seizures since i wake up with "new" chewed up areas in my mouth and on my tongue, and am sometimes incontinent.... ... (7 replies)
... First of all, the seizure disorder does not define you as a person- you are not your disorder. Yes- it's quite normal to be angry at the loss of functioning you used to have, and to have limitations- yet they don't take away all of your life- you still have a lot left that you can do. You just have to do it differently. Were you going to go sky diving, or b.a.s.e. jumping... (7 replies)
... I have panic disorder and take 0.5mg of Klonopin every night to control it and have done so for 3 years now. I experienced 3 seizures in a 1 month period approx. ... (7 replies)

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