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... First a little background, I been seizure free for 3 and a half years post my brain surgery, was only on meds, and trying to conceive. As a posted last year, I was expecting my first baby. I was at the time taking trileptal and Keppra. ... (35 replies)
... (23 replies)
... C due to the trileptal med I was on at the time. I was taken off the trileptal and left only on keppra to conceive again. Which I did 2 months later. My child went full term and i was induced at 40 weeks, but everything was fine and no seziures. ... (23 replies)

... I have opened another thread for the continuation of this one called "keppra and pregnancy part II" follow us there, and Ill be posting on my second pregnancy and its progress and answerrig any questions there as well to help the women on keppra and trying to conceive. ... (35 replies)
... Hey i was reading your post and i thought i would add 2 it since im also in keppra and have a child. My son is now 4 and he has not had one problem. ... (35 replies)
... could anyone had an experince with keppra and pregnancy tell me about..? ... (16 replies)
... pregnant but pregnancy does make your seizures worse due to the higher volume in blood which lowers your med levels, reason why neurologist start us at 3000mg of keppra and leave it there throughout the 9 months. i just gave birth 1 year ago june 12, and have a threat on here about my positive expirience on Keppra. ... (1 replies)
... Im extremely sorry for your lost. I know its not easy losing a pregnancy but God will send you guys another angel soon when your bosy its ready and your adjusted to the new med. Im on keppra as you have read, and My baby girl 14 months now its healthy. ... (27 replies)
... Its never easy taking epileptic meds and trying to start a family. I was actually on 2 meds last summer, but had a miscarriage so I had my neurologist take me off of one and only keep me on the keppra. ... (35 replies)
... Thanks for your reply. This was my first pregnancy thread back in 2010. Congrats on your healthy daughter. Mine its almost 2 as well, and my second daughter will be born in 6 weeks. My first girl its totally healthy, and this pregnancy is also going wonderful and baby its also doing swell. ... (35 replies)
... the beginning it was as always but just few sec, after that I saw my self having it I saw how I was shaking, making those noises, the spit coming out of my mouth and I also saw my sister holding my hand I even was thinking.. I never had it like that before.. ... (27 replies)
... Hey dotn give up hope yet, You should defenetly stay on somehtign that is going to keep you spell free first, then focus on finding a good medication for pregnancy in the meantime. ... (27 replies)
... Hi there Mott07, so I went to my neuro appoint yesterday. In 2 days I'll be 2 and a half years seizure free. ... (16 replies)
... My husband and I are also thinking about having a baby, which I brought up with my neuro at my last visit. ... (16 replies)
... controlled studies in humans, but potential benefits may warrant use in pregnant women despite risk." The "Epilepsy and Pregnancy" book does describe Trileptal as "an excellent, safe anticonvulsant," however. That's all I could find. ... (16 replies)
... any years free, must not be easy, but also the fact that your stressing yourself over concieving could be a cause, try to remain calm. Now everyone's reaction to Keppra is different and way before you conceive you should start taking it along with folic acid and prenatals atleast 6 months before conception. ... (35 replies)
... Much Congrats to you!!! So exciting to see more women on keppra having babies without fears. My baby girl now almost 6 months is doing so well and so will your pregnancy. Enjoy it because it flies by. ... (35 replies)
... Hi there ladies! I know Its been a while since I wrote, but caring for a newborn and 2 yr old its not easy. This is just a quick update. ... (23 replies)
... before I became pregnant who had a child and her child was doing well in school and brain functions according to her were fine. ... (35 replies)
... I use Keppra and am thinking about getting pregnant pretty soon, but I would try and switch to another drug given the way it's classified regarding safety during pregnancy. ... (16 replies)

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