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Lamactal Anyone
Sep 6, 2007
... OK..... I have been on Keppra for a couple of months along with occasional klonopin for panic and anxiety. I have gained some weight with Keppra at this new dose that I am on. My doctor mentioned to me a medication that we are going to talk about at our next visit. He mentioned Lamactal. He stated that i would be less likely to gain any weight. Problem is - I am... (5 replies)
Rash and lamictal
Jun 29, 2007
... so I went back on the Lamactal and the rash came right back on my neck. I called my Doctor and the nurse called back in 5 minutes saying "the Doctor wants you to come in TODAY". ... (21 replies)
... I have had epilepsy for 37 years. I have 3 beautiful children,all of whom I took Dilantin accompanied by Vitamin K. My doctor told me the Vitamin K was to control bleeding(if there should be any).I also take Phenobarbital and Zonogran. I have had not trouble with any of these medications. Well, I shouldn't say that. The usual memory loss,teeth problems and of course being... (21 replies)

... My internist had at the same time, with no communication between the two I later found out, put me on Zoloft. I had such a severe reaction really never seen in Lamactal that the epilepsy pharmacists are wondering if it might have been that the Zoloft and Lamactal had an interaction. I think that could be true. ... (17 replies)
... What kind of side effects have you had? Your Doctors won't switch you back even though you are having issues? That is terrible! I haven't decided on switching yet. It seems like the side effects of Lamictal are just as bad as the long term effects of Dilantin. I don't get it. I was actually on Dilantin for two pregnancies and have two healthy children. (21 replies)
... I was only diagnosed with epilepsy about 5 years ago. I was on dilantin until I fell pregnant and was swapped to lamactal. I am desperate to go back to dilantin, lamactial is crap, the side-affects are insane and no doc will listen to me. Refuse taking it for as long as you can!!! (21 replies)
Really Need Advice
Oct 10, 2007
... Klonopin is used for seizure control as well. It is longer lasting in your system than xanax. You could talk to your doctor about maybe switching to that medication. (6 replies)
Really Need Advice
Oct 10, 2007
... Hi, I have written here before about my grand mal seizures which just started this year at the age of 40. I just went in for a long term EEG which showed spikes all over. I am already on Xanax and the doctor just put me on Keppra. But my issue is that the night I go off the Xanax, in which I did in the hopsital for the testing, I get horrible auras right away. I will hear... (6 replies)
... I used to be on Lamactal but they think I got a rash from it and Zonegram made my like a zombie. Thanks and I hope everyone is doing ok. ... (5 replies)
Lamactal Anyone
Sep 13, 2007
... Hello j 2006 my name is bevin now to the question of bad side effects from lamictal. My worst side effect from lamictal was not weight gain because that problem was temporary then went to weightloss for a short time and then quickly became toxic to my bloodstream to the point where my face had a rash on both cheeks on my face so bad that when the rash went away it left a... (5 replies)
Lamactal Anyone
Sep 11, 2007
... Hi j2006, I am sorry I forgot to tell you that it was the lamictal that affected my memory.I use to have a great memory and shorty after starting Lamictal I noticed my memory was affected,mainly my short term,but,my long term as well.I have also read others that had their memory ruined. Personally if I were you,I would stay away from it.We are all different,but,if I... (5 replies)
Lamactal Anyone
Sep 11, 2007
... Hi j2006, No,I didn't have any other side effects.It is really too bad that it did not work for me.Hopefully it will work for you,if you choose to try it.Good-luck. Take care,Sherri (5 replies)
Lamactal Anyone
Sep 11, 2007
... Thanks Sherri. Did you have any other side effects? (5 replies)
Lamactal Anyone
Sep 10, 2007
... Hi j2006, I use to be on Lamictal,and did not gain weight from taking it,but,unfortunately for me it did not help my seizures.If you do not have insurance(I did not at time)it is very,very expensive, and there is not a generic for it yet. Take care,Sherri (5 replies)
... I am just coming off zonisamide. Have been taking lamictal (lamotrigine) for years, and added zonisamide 18months or so ago. Slowly building it up but when I got to 200mgs of it, I was very tired, lathargic, no motivation etc., so I've very slowly reduced it. The side effects are wearing off and surprisingly the seizure activity is less. (12 replies)
... Hey Neuro, If you don't mind me asking, I don't know what "autonomic disorder" is. And I don't know why the psych Doc won't give me refills but I would have had my next script on time if I didn't miss the appointment. They are strict with you missing but they understand now about the Seizures so at least that was a relief. And I don't know much about what SSD, LTD or what... (5 replies)
... Hey can I ask, since I am a petite female (and of course females don't mind losing weight) but is it because you're not hungry or just that your losing it. I've only been on it for a week so I can really tell yet. This week I had to start two a day so I am back to being exhausted!! until my body udjusts. I have had some more just food and have'nt noticed a difference thought.... (12 replies)
... Hi, Sorry about that, I'm home now. One of them was right. It is Zonisamide (man was I off-I new there was a Z somewhere). Has anyone ever taken this one before? I'm a little better today but still pretty tired. Has anyone else ever gotten a rash from the Lamactal? It had to be from that because when I started taking it again, the rash came back. I've been off for a few days... (12 replies)
... something like that. I was taken off Lamactal because I got a rash and the Doctor gave me that but I cannot find too much info. on this on line. ... (12 replies)
Skipping med's
Jun 14, 2007
... Hi i have read lots of people say about insurance, i do not pay for mine in uk i am except from precription charges because of my epilepsy, i am so sorry to hear you all have to pay. (10 replies)

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