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... the EEG department is so backed up it may take 2 months to get in. At any rate, she's looking for mesiotemporal sclerosis..... ... (6 replies)
... (34 replies)
... :D Welcome to our boards Judie, and I must say You finally found the perfect person to guide you and answer your questions since I suffred from the same illness and underwent surgery almost 2 yrs now. My name is Laura, 28, and when i was 5 I had bumpped my head, but never had it checked until 6yrs later I began having grand mal seizures. Ill stop here for now. First step... (34 replies)

... type. I was taken to the ER by ambulance and had a CT scan, which was normal, and an MRI which showed that I possibly have mesiotemporal sclerosis. Does anyone here have that? ... (34 replies)
... Mesiotemporal Lobe is an area commonly involved in temporal lobe seizures- if there is a reduction in the signal, to me (and I'm not a doctor) that says that there is less abnormal activity in that area- so that's good. Mesiotemporal sclerosis is a common problem with people who have seizures and have had febrile seizures as kids- it scars an area in the temporal lobe which... (2 replies)
... she decreased the dose, and helped me find another neuro....made a huge difference. I"d been ruled out for mesiotemporal sclerosis, so surgery wasn't an option... but I'd had increased seizures, so something had to change.... ... (5 replies)
... Mesiotemporal sclerosis is often caused by childhood febrile seizures... and is a common reason for epilepsy surgery since the area can be seen and removed. ... (22 replies)
... An hour is a long time for a little one- call 911. Chances are , he may not have any past the higher risk ages for febrile seizures, but those seizures are still very hard on his little body. Can you get some rectal Valium to keep at home, to give him if he seizes more than the time designated by your MD? But still take him to the ER. For me, I had a febrile seizure at... (8 replies)
... have they looked at mesiotemporal sclerosis via an MRI ? ... (3 replies)
... Have had CPS for at least 20 years. Sometimes (most of the time) people don't really know what causes seizures. Some are related to injuries (even without loss of consciousness), fevers when little (mesiotemporal sclerosis, or scarring of an area of the brain that triggers CPS), etc. Or, sometimes, there's no obvious cause. Keep a seizure diary- ask him if he feels... (8 replies)
... Seems like you'd know if it was quadraplegia, since that is paralysis of all four limbs, either partially or completely..... I've got right temporal lobe abnormalities on my EEGs, but my MRI was clear. If you've had febrile seizures as a kid, they look for mesiotemporal sclerosis, or some scarring in the mid-temporal area. Many MRI abnormalities don't effect functioning,... (14 replies)
... If your stomach hurts all the time, I'd suggest seeing a gastroenterologist and a neurologist....there are abdominal seizures, but they shouldn't cause continuous abdominal pain. Also, would want an EEG that is longer than the 20-40 minute basic ones- at least 24-48 hours (you wear a contraption around your waist, and it captures abnormal brain waves- some you call in and the... (14 replies)
... The MRI can find things like mesiotemporal sclerosis which can happen early in childhood, from febrile seizures- mostly it's just to check to see if there's a visible cause- most people with seizures don't know why- they just have them. I personally think mine are from multiple concussions starting in adolescence (and that's about when the seizures started, but I was blown... (12 replies)
... Mesiotemporal sclerosis from childhood febrile seizures is another cause, but many people never know for sure what causes their seizures, unless they have the MRI,and something shows up- like a sclerotic area. (12 replies)
... looking for mesiotemporal sclerosis. I hate getting stuffed into those machines. My veins also suck, so getting the contrast in will be a chore.... oh well, shouldn't take too long. ... (4 replies)
Need some feedback
Aug 18, 2003
... blechhhhhh..... I'm not phobic, but don't like being stuffed like a sausage in a casing. Next week I'll see the neuro to find out results.... she's looking for mesiotemporal sclerosis. Not sure what she'll want to do about it if it's there, but at least there will be a few more answers...? ... (5 replies)

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