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... I started to view the previous message board. It was not long before I was taking notes on the strangest things. ... (0 replies)
... cbb, You had posted a reply in "do seizures run your life" and it concerned me deeply! I am on the same meds and it is a 'no win' situation. I wrote this in response and just wanted you to see it. I didn't want it to go 'unread' by you. Please look into all this! These feelings you have are listed in the "warnings" for Keppra and should be told to your doc ASAP. I... (6 replies)
... As an update to this message board, I would like to report to the administrator and all involved that it appears that I have been 'spanked' out of the message board,very possibly for posting something that went counter to one of this message board's commercial interests. ... (0 replies)

... this person it trying to get the attention of those around him. In most cases people ignore the message this person is sharing and go about their daily lives so there is no disruption to the community. ... (5 replies)
What to expect??
Sep 19, 2002
... There is a lot of info re VEEGs out there. Many of us have had VEEG's. It is a shame that there is the policy that other message boards cannot be mentioned here since there is so much more info that could really benefit a person. ... (3 replies)
... and I had saved the electronic message I received stating so. ... (6 replies)
... Maybe he'd be open to another message you can write and feel open to do so here, and he'd have another one where he can find out he's not alone with his diagnosis. ... (12 replies)
... John, I've been on Felbatol since it was approved by the FDA Back in the early '90s.I understand your concern for your son's well being but want to let you know that I wouldn't hesitate in recommending the drug for your child.It has been the best anti convulsant drug that I've used to date.Before I used it I was on dilantin,depakene,and phenobarb.They all pale in comparison to... (4 replies)
... sitting on the couch and she was playing with her telephone and she told me that my dr was on the phone and that she wanted to talk to i told her to take a message . ... (3 replies)
Aug 14, 2003
... I would not have posted this message if I had just read all the talking yall have been doing on this subject already. Sorry! ... (1 replies)
... pany is concerned about liability... who knows who is whining or complaining. But it doesn't sound like it's really bout 'you'. I'm just an outsider,reading the message boards, but reading your message made me want to join this message board just so I could write to you and tell you that's how it looks to me. ... (12 replies)
... Hello. I have just been discharged from the hospital near me on Dilantin. Originally, I was given a double dose (600 mg). What brought me to the hospital was a left-side droop (including my face), the sudden inability to write or type legibly or walk without a limp, and trouble getting words out correctly. They had thought they saw something on the CT scan (enlarged... (10 replies)
... Hello! I hope someone can help me with this. I have been having these "episodes" for years which seem to resemble the descriptions I have read for simple partial seizures. Only recently did I find out that they aren't normal. I have been to an epileptologist (sp?) at the Cleveland Clinic and have had two EEGs; both have been normal but they were both brief and I don't... (10 replies)
... lity of doctors and hospitals that make mistakes as well as companies that make inferior products that cause injury! True. The article is posted on several other message boards. These folks here do not seem to appreciate the visitors learning all there is to know since no other message boards can be posted. ... (5 replies)
Abnominal pain
Sep 19, 2002
... Hey someone else from England! Thank for your reply. I was also treated for IBS for 2 yrs before they would believe that I didn't have. I have also had an investigative operation, but they didn't find anything. I just wondered if it was at all related to the Epilepsy. Thanks again. Lulabell (3 replies)
... Bellaflor: I am also a P.O. for a Gov agency I also happen to be a E.M.T. I am still employed in my same job You might want to inquire about American Disability Act I don't know the specfic about his contract If they give him a hard time contact a lawyer. I had my 1st seizure in my sleep also. I urge you not to hide his recent seizure maybe they can try a... (6 replies)
... Darlene, Sorry to hear about the unfairness that your daughter has gone thru. If it's any help, tell her that she has my COMPLETE sympathies in this situation, as well as my "moral" support. Job grief has occured so repeatedly to me, it's almost like a "second nature" and the warning signs that it is about to occur again are as similar to me as that of an "aura." I didn't... (4 replies)
... Hi Everyone, My name is Melva and this is the first time I have tried to post a message to this bulletin board. I am trying to locate a person named Kathy who placed a message on the old bulletin board. ... (0 replies)
Jan 27, 2011
... My doc called last night and of course it was when I couldn't get to the phone so she just left a message for me to call her. Keep in mind this is still the same game of phone tag I've been playing since my last appointment with her Nov. 2, 2010. ... (5 replies)
... Hello to all and thankyou for letting join message boards. ... (1 replies)

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