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... I reacted to this message so quickly, I'm sorry to say I didn't even see your name. There is a definate connection to the hormones and seizures. I hope you will see a neurologist who will help you along with this. ... (8 replies)
... Yes! Many women have seizures during PMS, and some right after the cycle. My seizures started when I got on the pill, and always came during PMS. They stopped after an early menopause, about 5 years ago. ... (17 replies)
... First, I am male and 50 years of age. I had a traumatic brain injury in 1971. ... (17 replies)

... First, I am male and 50 years of age. I had a traumatic brain injury in 1971. ... (17 replies)
Mar 20, 2003
... An example is that if this is just a scar on the temporal lobe possibly due to infections and fevers when she was younger, this most likely should not occur. Growing out of it is always in question. ... (7 replies)
... She is very happy for a couple weeks or so then she seems to drift into an irritible state that increases with intesity over a couple days, then she's aggressive and emotional for a week. ... (8 replies)
... Hey Lisa I see and epileptologist for my seizures I have seen many drs in the last 7 years and tried telling them all that my periods were triggering my seizures but none of them would hear it they all told me that it wasnt possible. ... (4 replies)
... I have seen at least 15 doctors in the past nine years and been through many tests. One told me I had severe pms and never mentioned catamenial seizures, although all my research shows I'm a good candidate. ... (17 replies)
... article said that Natural progresterone cream is much more effective for seizure control. I'm going to start using the progesterone only cream during my period and a few days after...I'm hoping it helps. ... (16 replies)
... I started taking the depo provera shot in feb. and had a little spotting for 2 weeks in march but that was also the last time I had a seizure. ... (4 replies)
... My "triggers" are my hormones. I always get seizures when I have PMS and when I'm ovulating. So maybe try to pay attentuon to your cycle, and then you'll be able to predict them better if that is your trigger. ... (15 replies)
... d, just some questions I guess, because I think I may be leaning toward a connection with my cycle! I am so excited!!! This connection has just been discovered and I don't see my neuro till the 16th, so I'm biting at the bit to share my discovery!!! ... (4 replies)
... I was put on topamax and got sooo sick I couldn't go to work for 2 weeks. Unfortunitily, not too long ago I was out for a week with phneumonia. ... (1 replies)
... this has been an amazing source of information and support and fun for me and sorry to all my friends for not being around lately. ... (4 replies)
... For years, I've had this thing, something happens, extreme deja vu, sick feeling in stomach, left side tingling, then it goes away. I feel tired and sleep afterwards for hours, and for days feel weird, out of it, foggy. Only used to happen 4 times a year. The last year it's happening every other month or so. ... (17 replies)
... Hi, I am seeing a psychiatrist right now, and we have been trying to answer that very question- I actually just talked with him about not knowing myself if my depression and anxiety is related more to my meds or my epilepsy or even hormones- it seems that my hormones may be unbalanced since I have my seizures most often during my period on very specific days- I also have very... (20 replies)
... Hi... I'm sorry you're suffering and have medication side effects. ... (8 replies)
... I don't know how to explain this so I think I will just say it and hope someone might understand at least part of it! ... (4 replies)
... No, no, no, you do NOT complain to much, don't ever worry about that! I understand where you are coming from, and don't worry about it, please feel free to vent anytime! ... (70 replies)
... Some epileptics can stop the seizure by focusing one one object with absolutely no distractions and no noise. People live with this everyday. These may happen during PMS due to hormones, possibly anxiety, etc. She may or may not have an aura. ... (3 replies)

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