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... Hi i was diagnosed with pres syndrome 3 years ago, after having my daughter ,she was 6 days old, i got a terrible headache and went to the hospital where they life flighted me to pittsburgh. ... (23 replies)
... After my son was born I developed a condition called Posterior Reversible Encephalopathy Syndrome (PRES) which caused a gran mal seizure and swelling of my brain. Thankfully this is a temporary condition and I have made a 100% recovery. I should be free from seizures unless I have a drastic change in blood pressure or pregnancy. It took about 8 months to recover. It has... (23 replies)
... Paul, this is good news, as they are probably not the best to be treating her.This is a very rare and difficult encephalopathy, and you don't know how lucky you are that someone even diagosed her correctly! Many don't. But, as soon as you get her situated, let us know ok? The prayers are working! She will get better faster with folks that know how to treat this. stay strong,... (23 replies)

... I was recently diagnosed with previously having "Pres Syndrome." The nuerologist I was seeing said that he was pretty sure that is what I experienced after the birth of my third child. I am still waiting to go back and see him for a repeat MRI to verify his diagnosis. He said my MRI should be much better if his assumption is right. I was sent to see him when my previous... (23 replies)
... Hello all, I have been reading previous threads about this disease for the last two years now....ever since I was diagnosed with this right after the birth of my son. We all have our stories and or problems....I think it would be very beneficial if we started a support group so we can lean on eachother. We understand what each one its going through. I have found out some new... (0 replies)
... So sorry to hear about your sister, and having the added stress of being in a foriegn country is horrible. However, even in America, with English speaking doctors and patients, this disease can go undiagnosed, maltreated, and improperly treated. She will rely on you for support and to help her do the things she cannot. But, don't be surprised if she is not herself for a long,... (23 replies)
... hi all we had a asesment for her to goto a rehab and they said they will 100% take her as soon as a bed comes up as she cant get the treatment in the hospital she is in now as they dont now what they are doing. so hopfully she will be home soon well that what i hope but i now it could be some time (23 replies)
... hi shwazn my partnet got pres 7 weeks ago and i now its hard to find info on this but i have to say the girls on here willl tell u a lot more as they have been there and come out the other side. one thing i do now that it can be a very slow recovery as im parten still has very little movment fron the neck down and finds it very hard to talk but she is getting there so just ask... (23 replies)
... hi my sister also happened to be attacked by the same diease and know im keen to learn about about yet im in foreign country where doctors speak germany only and i understand english (23 replies)
... Hi Paul, I'm glad she is getting to go to rehab, they will motivate her to "get moving" for sure. I agree with Margaret (mmoody) that you have to keep humor in your spirit, and laugh at a lot of what happens. I laughed at myself, as I found it did me no good at all to cry. Don't get me wrong, I cried a lot, but finally decided to fight back and not let the PRES beat me or my... (23 replies)
... Hello stranger LOL! Good to "see" you. Sounds like you are doing much better my dear. I have been getting better too, but had a slight set back with my right foot. Of course, I don't put a lot of faith in doctors and I am not too sure the treatment is correct. 8 months in this cast and then 8 more months in a boot. Neuro doctors and Osteo doctors don't the patient... (23 replies)
... thank you for ur replys she is having a very hard time she can now move her right arm if she is asked to but she is getting very tired very fast where it takes all her power to do any thing. it is nice to have people that has been throw this to talk to we are now waiting for a bed in a rehab for her so think that will help when she is there will keep u all updated thanks;) (23 replies)
... I agree totally with the previous writer. The best thing you can do is be supportive. Help be her advocate with the doctors and keep her motivated. It is a fustrating and slow recovery process but it will happen. It has been 3 years since my PRES and it took a good year to really be back to normal. Sounds like your partner experienced major swelling which will take awhile... (23 replies)
... First, let me say how sorry I am to hear aout your partner, and I will pray for her to recover soon. I have almost a year out from my incident of PRES, and I must say that I never thought I would even get to this point of where I am now. I have almost made a full recovery, including my mental functions as well as my physical impairments. I only have trouble with my right foot... (23 replies)
... hi every one im really happy to find this board im worred abou my partner she has been developed prem after are son was born they did not pick up the problem for some time its been 6 weeks now and she can talk but gets hewr words mixed up or cant say whats in her head, she has no control of her body from the neck down and this is worrying. it took her 4 weeks to come around.... (23 replies)
... Sandra, This is a very fustrating experience because neurologists are set on the fact that once the swelling in the brain goes down that the condition is "cured". This is not true. It has been almost three years for me and I still have changes in how my mind works. I did not even have the complications like most PRES patients have experienced along with the condition. Do... (23 replies)
... Hello, I'm so glad that I've found these comments here about PRES, although my story is a little different, my daughter Laura was diagnosed with PRES in April 2009, she was a cancer patient (Leukemia) since 2006 , she had one more month to finish her treatment when she was admitted to the hospital with two pulmonary abcesses and had to be put on a morphine pump to be able to... (23 replies)
... this is a scary and fustrating experience! Sounds like you have other medical conditions that only add to the fustration of PRES. From what I understand, PRES will only reoccur if the precipitating factor happens agian - for me it would be pregnancy, for you maybe gallbladder issues. However, the key is that now you know about it. If I get pregnant agian, we know to keep a... (23 replies)
... It is so good to see others that have experienced this dibilitating PRES. I have only been home a week, after spending a month in the hospital. I remember getting deathly ill, the day after memorial day, and vomiting from what I thought was a severe migraine headache. My husband came home and while driving to the hospital an hour away, had to call 911 for an ambulance while on... (23 replies)
... Hi Margaret, I too developed PRES during my last pregnancy, I ahd a seizure 7 days after the birth of my son. My husband and I both have noticed changes since, my memory is terrible i have lost chunks of the past, i have trouble remembering names, and lose track of what i am doing really easily. I tend to get frustrated very easily. I used to be excellent at maths but now... (23 replies)

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