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Pseudo seizures
Feb 16, 2009
... I too have what has been called pseudo seizures, and have had doctors tell me that it was trying to get attention, and admittedly I've used them to stop arguments, but they are NOT fake! ... (9 replies)
... the video EEg was normal and the doctor says it is pseudo seizures.....since then she was put on quitipin and some high doses of sleep tabs....after a month one night she bit her tongue and passed urine in the bed.... ... (9 replies)
... can anyone hurt themselves in pseudo seizures like falling from staircase and more often from the same spot and same manner. ... (9 replies)

Pseudo seizures
Jun 23, 2008
... hi my name is tiffany im 21 years of age and i was just told that i have pseudo seizures and that there isnt any med for them i have about 4-5 a day and usally i faint after woulds my husband says i flop like a fish out of water usally he has to hold my head so i dont bang it on scard cause the doc said that its cause by stress... (1 replies)
Pseudo seizers
Sep 2, 2008
... even though, at my last visit, I actually asked my neuro. if I was having nonepileptic seizures and he said No Way! ... (2 replies)
... Hi, I have been dealing with Psycogenic aka pseudo seizures for the past 3 years. here are my symptoms that happens in order. ... (5 replies)
... t Normal Also. I Was Given No Meds For The Seizures. April 9 I Was Admitted To The Hospital For 4 Days After A Spell At The Doctor Office. I Was Diagnoised With Pseudo Seizures. I Hope There Is Something I Can Take For This.i Also Have No License For 6 Months. This Effects My Job Duties As Well. ... (15 replies)
... Is it possible that epileptic seizures ALWAYS have a trigger or do they usually have at least some episodes with unprovoked causes? ... (0 replies)
Pseudo seizures
Feb 26, 2009
... They have captured an episode both all three times and they say they are non-epilectic seizures. He most of the times has aura right before which he feels dizzy. Sometimes he has enough time to get someones attention. He doesnt remember the anything about the seizure. He sometimes stutters, has temperary numbness in his right leg. It seems if the theraputic levels are... (9 replies)
... ot of flailing and arching. I"ve even seen one guy do karate type movements during his 'seizure'....but it's also important to note that people with frontal lobe seizures display odd gestures, and they are real epileptic events. ... (9 replies)
... With pseudoseizures, most people (not all) do not injure themselves, lose bladder control, or have amnesia for the event. It all depends on the underlying cause for the non-epileptic occurance. There are so many variables. Some people have seizures that are seizures, but due to sleep loss, low blood sugar, drinking alcohol, water intoxication, electrolyte imbalance, stroke,... (9 replies)
... I too have gran-mal and peti-mal and partial and juvinille myoclonic seziours and im photo sensitive too.The photo sensitivity seems to be getting worse as I get older (I'm 37) but not sure if thats the same for everyone. But I just started with peti-mal fits and it has grown like a family tree. Hope this info helps pinky1 (12 replies)
... There are tons of different types of seizures and yes you can have more than one kind of seizure. I have grand mal and petit mal seizures and also suspecting photosensitive seizures. Like you, I react to different types of lights, but not the strobe lights in eeg. ... (12 replies)
... tions she feels before, during, and after. Depending on the part of the brain being involved, any combination of symptoms can occur. It's really hard to rule out seizures vs pseudoseizures in all of hers, simply because of the video EEG not picking up electrical changes during that one. ... (9 replies)
... I Had My First Seizure March 2004. The Er Said That I Could Control The Seizure If I Wanted To.this Was Soooo Confusing To Me. I Could Not Speak, Or Open My Eyes On Command. I Was Told If I Don't Responed To Them I Would Have A Tube Down My Throat. Well Even With That Being Said, I Still Had No Control Over The Situation. She Did Not Follow Through W/the Tube Thank Goodness.... (5 replies)
Pseudo seizures
Feb 6, 2009
... Pseudo szs is a bad term. They are szs but they are just not epileptic in origin. They are very real however they do not originate from they brain. They could be stress induced or cardiac or many other reasons. The szs themselves appear almost exactly like epileptic szs. They are often downplayed by drs however they are just as scary and real. It was once thought that I... (9 replies)
Pseudo seizures
Feb 25, 2009
... I have a son and he is now 17 yrs. old a senior in HS. He has been having seizures for 2 years and 3 months. We have had three long term monitoring eeg's and several CT's a a couple MRI's all are normal. ... (9 replies)
Pseudo seizures
Jun 14, 2009
... I have both tle seizures and nes nothing captured in 7 days on video monitoring. ... (9 replies)
Pseudo seizures
Feb 27, 2009
... yeah, for my NES, medications actually made things worse. I tried the hypoglycemia test, and ended up having a seizure/puking, so we had no conclusion. Try to think about what's going on just before he goes into the seizures. Look for any commonalities. For me, stress, heat, physical exertion cause them, as well as pain from my back problems. Not getting enough sleep, or... (9 replies)
Pseudo seizures
Feb 25, 2009
... I would say the best advice is to figure out if these are NES or not. I know I had to go to many doctors to figure out whether or not I was having epileptic seizures or nes. ... (9 replies)

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