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... most people with pseudoseizures are not deliberately "faking" anything...but they aren't real neurological, physical seizures....they're emotional, but cause the similar symptoms. ... (12 replies)
Mar 23, 2001
... Hi! Is there anyone here who has been diagnosed with pseudoseizures? I have had a seizure disorder for 9 years now. At one point, after having a right temporal lobectomy, I was told I was having pseudoseizures. (false seizures)The neurologist said she couldn't help me. Go see a psychiatrist. I was told these are harder to treat being that they are psychological. It scared me.... (2 replies)
... hile but it comes back on and off and I am getting used to it and nobody knows that I still have it because I can control it in public! Sometimes I feel they are pseudoseizures as I can prevent them however the feeling really bothers me. ... (0 replies)

... or sharing. My daughter has not had any trauma and was a pretty happy teenager until this all happened. When I told family and close friends that this could be pseudoseizures they could not believe it because my daughter is very out going and easy going. She is the kind of person who doesn't get bothered by things. ... (12 replies)
... Our neurologist changed her mind and went from a diagnosis of pseudoseizures to true seizures after she re read the video EEG and talked to someone who had witnessed the episodes. ... (1 replies)
... This is long...I'm's been a really emotional and long couple of weeks, and I don't have friends to talk to IRL. You guys are it......:) I ended up in the hospital for 13 days- got home yesterday , needing a cardiac/heart catheterization due to some abnormal results from a test last April during that whole lung blood clot thing. I've been on blood thinners... (4 replies)
... they told me i was having pseudoseizures for a while. ... (2 replies)
... I have looked into myself, as a person with severe epilepsy i believe it not attention people are demonstraiting but a form of relesement they or we are experiencing, before or after a seizure. Called aurals, which come in a million different types and styles, they shoud be or this person and most people should be taken seriously. (9 replies)
... True, and not all pseudoseizures are "grand mal".... ... (9 replies)
Don't understand
Oct 6, 2003
... this for almost 30 minutes. ER docs and medics were all convinced I was in status. I am just curious. Why did they wait to do the EEG, and can't seizures and pseudoseizures exist together? ... (4 replies)
Mar 28, 2001
... My husband has both epileptic and pseudoseizures. He had a bout of encephalitus 2 years ago, which put him in ITU for 17 days, on a life support machine etc. The encephalitus left him with epilepsy and the trauma left him with psuedo seizures. You don't have to have epileptic seizures to have pseudoseizures, but it is often the case that some people will have both. ... (2 replies)
... exhausted48, Yes, Catamenial Epilepsy is a real thing. It's caused by the fluctuation in hormones. I tend to get my seizures in the middle of the month during ovulation, and then a day or two before, during, or after I start my period. The only thing I'm not sure of with your situation is what hormone fluctuations are like after a hysterectomy. I'm not sure if they still... (206 replies)
... Auras are simple partial seizures, that many people have before the rest of the seizure (that they are often unaware of). True- they come in many types. Pseudoseizures are not felt to be attention seeking ('malingering') anymore- they used to be. It's just not a seizure in the sense that it's caused by electrical impulses going haywire in the brain- it can be a sort of... (9 replies)
... Watch out for what they say. They tried saying my friend/neighbor had pseudoseizures (i.e. "it's in your head, you don't have 'real' seizures") he came back quickly at his Dr when he was told he was not having seizures and told the technical term. His retort was "then why are they called pseudoSEIZURES"! The doc couldn't reply. Also, his MRI showed white spots on the... (6 replies)
Getting NO help!!
Nov 14, 2004
... rocket56, 31 year old male, right temporal lobe surgery to remove 'gliome' (age 7), Tegretol age 7-18. Medicine free and SEIZURE free age 18-25. Seizures came back again, ranging from abscence (the kind your daughter has) to occasional gran mal siezures. I work at a place with children with mental retardation/autism, so I'm NEVER left alone and always in the good company of... (12 replies)
May 30, 2003
... Yes I have been through this with my husband who has epilepsy. He was diagnosed with pseudoseizures originally by a neurologist, then several psychiatrists, and spent a lengthy spell in a psychiatric hospital. ... (3 replies)
... I was briefly sent to a psychiatrist. My neurologist at the time thought I was having pseudoseizures and didn't seem to take me seriously either. It was very frusterating until I got a second opinion and my current doctor assured me it was not pseudoseizures. ... (5 replies)
... It was recommended that my daughter see a psychiatrist because the neurologist felt that the seizures were pseudoseizures. She has not done that yet. Does your neurologist think you are having pseudoseizures? Are you on medicaton? Our neurologist now thinks that my daughter's seizures might be neurological seizures. Do you have a history of emotional trauma? We are still... (5 replies)
... to be pseudoseizures, because there really is a diagnosis called that, the correct treatment has to be offered. From what you have said, the usual treatment for pseudoseizures hasn't been mentioned either. What is your treatment plan? ... (7 replies)
... I am writing in response to Candida. Please reply to my post because I have many questions that I believe you may help me with. (0 replies)

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