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... weeks ago I was put on a very low dose of Rivitril by my doctor. I suffer from tonic clonic seizures for which I take Lamictal. ... (4 replies)
... Hi, I have taken rivitril for the past couple years. I do know that it's an addictive drug and sometimes it can actually cause seizures. ... (4 replies)
... and 6mo. I was diagnosed with E in Dec. 2001. I have grand mal and complex partial seizures. They are not under control yet. I was on Epilim, Lamictal and Rivitril but those didn't work. ... (11 replies)

... Hi, I have been on Epilim, Lamicatal and Rivitril all together and they didn't work. What works for me now is Frisium and Rivitril. I've never taken Dilantin as dh won't let me so I can't hlep you there. ... (2 replies)
... day and Rivitril am and pm. This combo seems to work well for me with minimal side effects. I was on Epilim, Lamictal and Rivitril but that didn't help. I've heard very bad stuff about Dilantin and would suggest asking about changing that medication. ... (5 replies)
Feb 16, 2003
... I just started this week and am taking it twice daily with Rivitril one hour after. I had tried epilim, lamictal and rivitril together but it didn't work. I've been having injections of midezalem to stop the grand mal seizures and avoid hospital. ... (2 replies)
Hi From Down Under
Jan 30, 2008
... Before surgery I was on 28 pills a day, which included tegretol, topamax, neurontin, and rivitril (rattle, rattle, rattle). Immedialely after surgery I was also put on epilum just to make sure the stress of surgery didn't cause any. I was gradually weaned off all except topamax over 12 months. I have been taking 100mg of that twice a day ever since, as I was still having... (10 replies)
... Eilidh, Thanks for the wishes. I've now got an appointment to see my specialist. I've noticed a weird thing though - the last five days or so the Rivotril does not seem to be working and the simple partial siezures have started again but (fingers crossed) the seizures seem to have stopped! Originally my doctor said I could double the dose after a while but if the two... (4 replies)
... Hey Gary... Howzit going? Sorry to hear about your increased seizures. I've been on Rivotril with Lamictal in the past and although it helped my seizures the Rivotril brought on depression so I came off it. It sounds like you need to come off the Rivotril too, but it's never safe to just come off it without speaking to your doc first. So don't wait to get in contact with... (4 replies)
... Beth, Thanks for the info, I have not been given any information about it being addictive or causing increased seizures. As I said it works great for the partials (or did until last week) but the tonic clonic are worse. (4 replies)
Feb 17, 2003
... Kayla, thanks for your response. I have seizures on a daily basis. I have complex partial seizures and grand-mal seizures as well. I was only diagnosed less than 2 years ago as well, and I'm having trouble accepting that I've lost my independence at 27. I can't drive anymore and my husband won't let me go out alone just in case. I also have 3 small kids and it's hard not... (2 replies)
... Depression can cause memory loss. Are you taking meds for your seizures? Some of those meds can make you sleepy and maybe they are contrubiting with the memory loss? I have been on clonazapan for 20 or more years to control epilepsy. The other name for it is rivitril. It makes me a bit sleepy. Get your doctor to test your hormone levels. Sometimse if they are imbalanced it... (4 replies)

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